Jaybird Designs Glamping Experience in Glacier National Park for Fitness Influencers – Event Marketer

Jaybird Designs Glamping Experience in Glacier National Park for Fitness Influencers – Event Marketer
Jaybird Designs Glamping Experience in Glacier National Park for Fitness Influencers

Jaybird Designs Glamping Experience in Glacier National Park for Fitness Influencers


The invite-only event included altitude runs, river rafting and group yoga.

To support the launch of earbud company Jaybird’s latest true wireless headphones, Jaybird Vista, the brand designed a three-day experience, July 30-Aug. 1, for fitness influencers, athletes and wellness experts at Montana’s Upper Canvas Glamping Resort near Glacier National Park. The invite-only event included morning altitude runs through picturesque mountain climbs, an afternoon of river rafting, group yoga, and plant-based meals, coupled with educational components, such as a live podcast and a breath-holding workshop.

The event’s marketing objectives were twofold: to create an experience that supported the brand story and to build long-lasting relationships with athletes in the fitness community.

“We were looking to create an event that helps highlight some of the key stories around the product,” says Jaybird ceo Jamie Parker. “Secondarily, we look at it to some degree as a launch tactic or launch experience. More importantly, we’re looking to create deep connections with people within our community. Something that’s authentic and long lasting.”

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Attendees, many of whom served as content creators during the trip, included 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist Gwen Jorgensen, podcaster and wellness expert Rich Roll, ultra-marathoner Timmy Olson, nutritionist and yogi Julie Piatt, peak performance expert Dr. Andy Walshe of The Liminal Collective, and running coach Knox Robinson, a co-host of the event alongside Jaybird’s Parker.

Components and touches included plant-based vegan meals curated by nutritionist Julie Piatt; a collection of branded gear awaiting attendees upon arrival, including personalized Jaybird Vista headphones engraved with their names, a camping blanket and mug, handheld water bottles, waist packs for running and handheld solar lanterns that charge devices; a surprise live podcast with Roll and Jorgensen as a guest; a talk on human performance from The Liminal Collective; a rafting trip followed by a bridge jump; and a guided meditation from ultra-runner Timmy Olson at the summit of Mt. Oberlin following a three-mile hike with 2,000-foot elevation gain.

The event supported Jaybird Vista’s brand story through three key messages, each communicated through the experiences. First, there was the product’s 16-hour battery life, which includes six hours stored within the earbuds and an additional 10 hours of power in its case. Attendees experienced the product’s power through long, early-morning runs. Second was the message of durability, or the product’s ability to take a drop or fall from the ear without breaking—a quality Jaybird has coined “earth proof.” Montana’s intense weather conditions and activities that pushed sweat and water-resistant limits, such as jumping into a lake with the products in-ear, demonstrated efficacy.



Attendees participated in a rafting trip followed by a bridge jump.


The third message surrounded performance, enabled by a new chipset which allows the earbuds to operate independently (a common preference for this group of athletes) and creates a strong wireless connection and acoustic performance. The remote location of the event helped highlight that connection and then attendees received tutorials on the product’s in-app audio equalizer.

And, of course, the ubiquitous vistas in Glacier National Park provided breathtaking views. You might say inspiration was a fourth message.

“We picked a destination that we felt like was going to help articulate the story of Jaybird Vista. But we also knew that it was a place and an experience that would resonate with the guests that we invited,” says Parker. “We felt that being in an iconic, scenic, epic outdoor location, and the programming that we provided that connected to it, would be an experience that people would love to be a part of.”

Jaybird’s on-site photographers captured scenes for the brand as well as the attendees, who received high-quality photos in real time.

Rather than positioning it as an influencer event, Parker calls the experience an “athlete camp,” where attendees gain value and inspiration from it. “Every facet of the programming is intended to provide an incredible experience that brings the product to life, but goes beyond that so it doesn’t feel like a product launch. It feels like an athlete camp, where we’re giving back to the athletes and they have a desire to share that with their communities.”

Jaybird has different relationships and plans with the influencers, all of whom will contribute to Vista-related storytelling through the end of the year, including color drops, holiday stories and narratives surrounding Jaybird’s “earth proof” claim. Agency: N/A Collective.


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