January 18, 2023

State of the industry snapshot

If it feels like you’re doing a lot more with a lot less—you’re right. Event marketers have always been masters of working on lean budgets and fast-paced timelines, but as events make their comeback and event teams set their sights on 2023, budgets and resources appear to be tighter than ever. In this “State of...

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January 17, 2023

The Event Strategist’s Guide to 2023 Experience Planning

The industry has experienced a seismic shift. Mastering the new event landscape requires recalibrating the role of content, aligning attendee expectations, leveraging design as an engagement tool and embracing an audience-specific mindset. Complete this form to download the full report.

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December 13, 2022

Forces of Nature: Conversations With Some of the Event Marketing Industry’s Leading Women

Our Women in Events coverage continues with Q&As featuring a crop of experiential marketing heavyweights handling the agency side of the business. They’re the behind-the-scenes puppet masters managing production logistics, creative, staffing, partnerships—and budgets—to deliver seamless experiences that are relevant and resonant. And they’re doing it all at a time when event marketers across the...

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December 9, 2022

Trending: Why Personalization Will Drive Brand Experiences

Personalization is a term that conjures up images of segments, algorithms, platforms, and big budgets. But for the brands linked up with nimble partners who view the marketing ecosystem as an orbit, rather than a funnel, and who view content as fuel for campaigns, personalization is an ever-present tool within the “Experiential Commerce” model that...

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October 25, 2022

Embracing Experiential Commerce: Five Brands to Watch

The pandemic changed the way brands think about and do business with consumers, and it also changed the way marketing organizations create and execute campaigns. Smart marketers have reimagined the traditional marketing funnel as an “orbit” with a new, transaction-based model as its driving force: “Experiential Commerce.” And within the brand orbit, an evolution of...

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