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The only reports in the world of their kind, our EIRs deliver unprecedented data across key experiential marketing areas to Premium subscribers
2019 Q1: The 2019 Measurement Benchmarking Report
The industry’s only annual study on how brands are measuring ROI

      • What event marketers measure at b-to-b and b-to-c events
      • How event marketers are using their event data
      • ROI ratios for b-to-b and b-to-c events
      • Multi-year data comparisons and trends

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2019 Q2: The Event Marketing Compensation Report
The industry’s only comprehensive salary survey and compensation study


      • Average salary benchmarks for 20 different roles across nine geographies
      • How salaries compare on the brand and agency side
      • What average compensation packages look like in the industry
      • Typical bonuses and salary increases
      • A range of other data points including gender and regional breakouts

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2019 Q3: The Annual Experiential Marketing Spending Forecast
The industry’s only experiential marketing spending projection


      • How industry budgets grew in 2019
      • How much industry budgets are estimated to grow in 2019
      • The event industry’s forecasted share of total corporate marketing budgets

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2019 Q4: The Cost Benchmarking Report
What top brands are spending on experiential services


      • Average costs for the most commonly used event expenses
      • Costs broken out by top 10 event markets in the U.S.
      • Insights into what you’ll spend on brand ambassadors, registration, A/V and more

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EventTrack 2018

EventTrack_EMISubscribers at the Pro and Premium (formerly EMI Corporate and Enterprise) levels receive our yearly EventTrack Study, the world’s largest annual research report on experiential marketing. Unique to EventTrack is its “dual-core” focus. Two studies are created—one surveying marketers and one surveying consumers. Together the studies combine into the most trusted annual portrait of event and experiential marketing activity.

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Trending Data and Logistics Reports

LaborRatesSurvey_EMI_2The 2015 Exhibition & Event Industry Labor Rates Survey
The Labor Rate Survey tracks the advance order rates charged to corporate exhibitors in major U.S. and Canadian cities. The rate sources are general service contractors, show producers and venue order forms. The report is broken out in three sections: U.S. Labor Rates by City, U.S. Labor Rate National Averages 2013 to 2015 Comparisons and Canadian Labor Rates by City.

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ViralImpact_EMI_2The Viral Impact of Events
Event and experiential marketers are increasingly focused on making an impact beyond the live event. To assess this trend, FreemanXP and the Event Marketing Institute have developed a unique, groundbreaking study that analyzes how top brands are using social media to extend the reach and visibility of their event and experiential programs. Includes specific data on: Viral impact estimates and measurement benchmarks; How social media is used pre-event, during events and post-event; Most effective social media channels.

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