Five Staffer Types Refreshing the Role of Brand Ambassador – Event Marketer

Five Staffer Types Refreshing the Role of Brand Ambassador – Event Marketer

Five Staffer Types Refreshing the Role of Brand Ambassador

Smart event marketers know that brand ambassadors can make or break an event experience.  Whether they are tasked with leading a sampling activation, describing the nuances of a product or service, or there to entertain with an engaging interaction, the brand ambassador role is an evolving and important one.

We pulled up five recent events that each offered a distinctive brand ambassador experience in order to help you define or refine your staffing strategy.


The Product Expert

Scotch whisky enthusiasts and newbies alike recently found themselves in the company of well-versed The Macallan brand ambassadors that spoke, in great detail, about the whisky-making process and linked the process to that of creating color as part of a partnership with Pantone.

At Collision this year, product experts with exhibitor were available for one-on-one meetings with attendees, an approach that helped the brand line up more than 50 consultations before the start of the event.


The Actor

An immersive theater experience requires trained actors to deliver it authentically. Ahead of the premiere of the “Downton Abbey” movie, fans in L.A. were treated to a Grand High Tea Experience where they mingled with a cast of characters you’d find at a soiree at Downton. Among them was “Nigel,” who made small talk with attendees, and “Cornelia” and “Gwendolyn,” who pointedly advised fans use their full names when speaking to them.

FX recently invited horror genre superfans and influencers to attend sleep away camp for “American Horror Story: 1984,” where they became counselors-in-training and were surrounded by camp staff in character for an overnight experience that included surprise, scary moments, storytelling and, even, a cliffhanger.

Ford's Campus Ambassador Program Beefs upMORE INSIGHTS ON BRAND AMBASSADORS:

The Spokesperson

Oscar Mayer’s iconic Wienermobiles are staffed by the Hotdoggers, brand ambassadors selected from a competitive application process who are in charge of not only operating the vehicle and touring the country, but also tasked with developing p.r. campaigns for the brand. As stated in the application, there are only 13 people who can speak on behalf of Oscar Mayer: the 12 Hotdoggers and the ceo.


The Professional

LetsGetChecked’s “Longevity Lab” pop-up educated consumers on self-care and at-home testing, so the brand brought in its U.S. medical director, Robert Mordkin, and his medical team to administer complimentary tests. The brand offers a broad array of health tests, but for the pop-up, it focused on two of the biggest killers in the U.S.: cardiovascular disease and diabetes, both of which affect a large swath of the population. To get tested for either disease, attendees used iPads to create a digital profile that allowed the company to track their lab results, then worked with the medical staff on-site to complete the procedure.


The Superfan Host

When you’re in the company of superfans, every interaction counts. For the superfans who scored tickets to The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel & Resort experience, that meant having every one of their needs taken care of with a little social listening and a creative edge. When one eco-conscious guest’s metal straw was accidentally thrown away, for instance, Taco Bell sent staffers out to buy her a new one, then had it delivered to her room with a friendly note. And when another attendee complained on social media about a lack of lounge chairs, staffers located him and delivered a seat directly to him.

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