State Farm Activates a ‘Neighborhood of Good’ of Tiny Houses at Governors Ball – Event Marketer

State Farm Activates a ‘Neighborhood of Good’ of Tiny Houses at Governors Ball – Event Marketer
State Farm Activates a 'Neighborhood of Good' of Tiny Houses at Governors Ball

State Farm Activates a ‘Neighborhood of Good’ of Tiny Houses at Governors Ball


Festivalgoers could assemble a ukulele out of five parts, including stringing the instrument themselves.

State Farm has targeted music- and cause-loving millennials with its “Here to Help” lounges at festivals for the last several years. At Governors Ball in New York City, June 1-3, State Farm activated its newest cause-marketing platform, Neighborhood of Good, with a “neighborhood” of tiny houses that allowed festivalgoers to engage in different acts of good on-site as well as schedule simple, local volunteer opportunities.

State Farm will activate this physical representation of its new platform at music festivals throughout this year. Each of the four houses is themed. The first, labeled “Here to Help Music Fans,” serves as an intro to the idea of the Neighborhood of Good platform. Brand ambassadors guide consumers through an application where they can choose their preferred cause, from veterans to hunger to animals, and then see which groups they can volunteer for in their zip code. From there, they can schedule an outing to volunteer. The key is the application’s simplicity: State Farm is demonstrating how doing good can be easy and accessible.

The other three houses are dedicated to specific causes, from music education to hunger to at-risk youth. At the music education house festivalgoers assemble a ukulele out of five parts—which involves gluing pieces together and stringing the instrument themselves. The instruments are then shipped off to local New York City schools for music education programs. In the house dedicated to addressing hunger, consumers quickly assemble a food kit to be donated to local food pantries. The activity in the fourth house, “Here to Help At-Risk Youth,” involves writing notes of encouragement to at-risk youth. Consumers can choose from cards with various designs and then get a tattoo of that same design. The cards are accompanied with simple toiletry kits and donated to at-risk youth in New York City.

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The benefactors of each activation will change from market to market as State Farm creates the experience at different festivals. Each time an act of good is completed, attendees receive a pin, and after two pins are collected, they are awarded a PopSocket (knobs that attach to the back of smartphones to create a kickstand and make them easier to grip). Those who do all three activities win a portable charger, while supplies last.

In addition to the houses, the Neighborhood of Good experience includes a photo activation, charging stations and a showcase of the total number of acts of good that have accrued with a video updated in real-time. Agencies: The Marketing Arm, Dallas; Creative Solutions Group, Clawson, MI; Mozeus, Conyers, GA.

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