Inside HSBC’s Modern Lounge and Event Space at Davos – Event Marketer

Inside HSBC’s Modern Lounge and Event Space at Davos – Event Marketer
Inside the Eco-Friendly HSBC Lounge at Davos

Inside HSBC’s Modern Lounge and Event Space at Davos

Shifting away from high-tech showcases it has created the past few years at Davos, HSBC at the World Economic Forum, Jan. 23-26, took over a boutique shoe shop on a main street in the Swiss city, creating a lounge retreat for the 2,500 attendees of the annual congress. The goal: to engage ceos and leaders of large multinational companies looking to network and take a break from sessions and official events at the nearby main conference hall and hotels.

The HSBC Lounge featured high-resolution LED screens facing the street that displayed the brand’s new messaging surrounding “Together We Thrive.” Once inside, attendees received a warm welcome from a maître d’, and were invited to visit the coffee bar staffed by a barista who HSBC says it recruits year after year, and who has become quite popular among repeat visitors. The footprint included three lounge areas and a private meeting room, and it gave the brand the flexibility to host breakfast meetings, showcases and high-profile dinners.

The focal point of the space was the Smart City augmented reality model in the interactive zone, produced on a 3D printer, that offered a self-exploration of HSBC’s sustainable finance initiatives. Attendees viewed the scenery through tablets, directing them toward key points on the city model to reveal a digital layer of case studies that explained HSBC’s “global role” in sustainable finance.




“This year at Davos we wanted our HSBC Lounge to have a single-minded message around sustainable finance. We believe it is hugely important to the global economy and we see it as a real opportunity to support businesses as they strive to be more sustainable. And so, everything that we did in the lounge was done with sustainability in mind,” says Andrea de Vincentiis, global head of integrated marketing communications at HSBC. “In previous years I think we tried to tick too many boxes, whereas this year we were decidedly single-minded in messaging strategy.”

To that end, HSBC integrated sustainable elements throughout the program. The space itself was designed to be reconfigurable and reusable. Framed photography of landscapes hung throughout the space were shot by HSBC staff on personal travels, saving on the carbon footprint required, had the brand hired a photographer. The Smart City model can be updated, scaled up and down, and fully adaptable for future event use. On top of using recyclable paper coffee cups, all fixtures and finishes were sourced from companies with environmentally and socially friendly processes and cultures. Agency: 2LK, Farnham, Surrey, United Kingdom.


Take a Tour of the HSBC Lounge at Davos 2018:


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