Sephora Launches Fenty Beauty With a Live-Created Fan Film

Sephora Launches Fenty Beauty With a Live-Created Fan Film
Sephora Launches Rihanna’s Makeup Line in Madrid With the World’s First Live-Created Fan Film

Sephora Launches Rihanna’s Makeup Line With the World’s First Live-Created Fan Film

It’s not often that Rihanna fans feel like celebrities when they’re in the presence of the pop sensation, but for the launch of the singer’s globally anticipated makeup line in collaboration with Sephora, a lucky group of 180 hand-selected fans and influencers felt like superstars. Taking over Madrid’s Callao Square, the brand celebrated the unveiling of the Fenty Beauty makeup collection by inviting attendees to star alongside Rihanna in the world’s first live-created fan film.

Following the singer’s red carpet walk through throngs of fans in Callao Square, the experience kicked off in the Callao City Lights theater, where three high-end sets designed as larger-than-life Fenty products served as the setting of the film. After welcoming her guests, Rihanna recorded a few scenes on each set, then invited fans to experience their own moment in the spotlight.

As attendees posed and played in the Fenty universe, Sephora and handling agency Wildbytes edited the footage in real time using a cutting-edge, custom-made digital film pipeline. When their 15 minutes of fame was up, participants received a 3D GIF of the experience for sharing across social media. They could also take a spin through on-site makeup stations to receive Fenty-style makeovers and interact with products from the collection.

Of course, it’s difficult for a brand to spread its messaging with such a limited number of attendees, so Sephora extended the launch experience to the hordes of Rihanna fans waiting in Callao Square. To make it happen, the brand leveraged two massive outdoor LED billboards that broadcast film footage in real time, as well as an augmented reality screen that projected Fenty Beauty products onto a live reflection of thousands of fans.

“We needed to generate awareness,” says Beatriz Torres, director-marketing and communications at Sephora España. “We needed people to know that Rihanna had this brand that is different. It’s wonderful to understand a little bit about the DNA—about how inclusive, how democratic it is and how it is for every time of skin, every time of woman. And I think the video allowed us to do that in a very artistic way and in a very shareable way.” Agency: Wildbytes, Madrid.


Scenes From Sephora’s Fenty Beauty Launch Event:
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