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Symantec Infects Its Marketing Mix To Bring Norton To Life

Symantec_CoverIf there’s one thing the Norton by Symantec brand wants consumers to understand, it’s that they’re vulnerable. Very vulnerable. They may not think they are, but anyone with a computer, mobile device or tablet is a potential target for scammers, phishers and cybercriminals who lurk all across the internet stealing identities, credit card numbers… any information they can get their dirty little cyberfingers on and sell on the black market. According to one of Norton’s own Cybercrime Reports, cybercrime costs consumers $388 billion globally each year. More than 73% of U.S. adults who go online have experienced cybercrime in their lifetime, yet 34% of them do not have up-to-date security software.

Symantec is on a mission to protect consumers’ online security with the Norton suite of products. And to make sure they know about it all, the brand is infecting its own marketing strategy with event-centric programs and tactics ranging from mobile tours and sponsorships to pop-ups and guerrilla-style stunts. Symantec’s got a bad case of the experiential, and no one’s looking for a cure.

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