How Platforms Like Braindate Help B-to-B Attendees Build More Relevant Networks – Event Marketer

How Platforms Like Braindate Help B-to-B Attendees Build More Relevant Networks – Event Marketer
How Platforms Like Braindates Help B-to-B Attendees Build More Relevant Networks

How Platforms Like Braindate Help B-to-B Attendees Build More Relevant Networks

A decade ago, swapping business cards or meeting up for a quick drink at happy hour was considered “networking” at b-to-b conferences. Today, those supplementary (and let’s face it, shallow) interactions have been replaced by purposeful exercises with an experiential component that allow for collaborative—and valuable—conversations. Leading the way in these more meaningful exchanges is e180’s Braindate, a platform that enables one-on-one meetups for conference attendees based on their shared interests. If that sounds right up your alley, you’re in luck. Braindate will make its Experiential Marketing Summit debut (in poolside cabanas, no less) May 14-16, at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Following is a closer look at Braindate, and four other ways marketers are cultivating purposeful attendee connections at b-to-b events.

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At its core, Braindate is a platform that gives attendees an opportunity to share their experiences with others, and in turn, learn from their fellow participants. These collaborative learning sessions, which typically last 30-45 minutes, allow attendees to build more relevant networks by exchanging knowledge around topics they’re mutually interested in. Rather than navigating a sea of conference attendees in hopes of connecting with the right people, Braindate participants are able to avoid the guesswork and dive straight into high-impact conversations that they suggest and schedule themselves or join through an online and in-app platform. The interactions take place in a dedicated “Braindate Lounge,” away from the distractions of the show floor.


Sky Labs

One way to get b-to-b attendees to open up and have more meaningful conversations is to pull them out of their physical comfort zones as a means of removing them from their mental comfort zones. Organizers of C2 Montréal take the approach with “Sky Labs,” small group brainstorming sessions that are held in chairs suspended 30 feet in the air. The strategy is the result of a study that shows there is a direct correlation between risk tolerance and creativity. What’s more, the remote setting gives attendees the freedom to completely focus on the task at hand: engaging in collaborative conversation to make valuable connections.


Group Huddles  

Today’s b-to-b events are as much about learning from the presenters as they are about learning from fellow attendees, a concept that the PPA Connect Live conference took a cue from. Following a keynote speech, rather than offering a coffee break or sending attendees off to another session, PPA organizers asked attendees to split into groups and choose a roundtable or “Huddle” to participate in, each of which were held in the venue’s conference rooms. Participants in each group could choose from a list of pre-curated topics to dive into, while a “Huddle Host” facilitated the conversation. The roundtables rotated every half hour, giving partakers a chance to interact with and learn from a host of their fellow attendees in an intimate yet collaborative setting.


Casual Formats

B-to-b shows are typically buttoned-up affairs, but eBay at its seller conference, eBay Open, took the path less traveled. The brand created an informal space dubbed the Pop-up Theater where executives and eBay employees connected and tackled topics through a casual Q&A format. By eliminating the formality of a standard b-to-b forum, eBay gave attendees a chance to loosen up, paving the way for more in-depth and intimate exchanges. That casual style also tied to the brand’s messaging, “Say Hello.”



Who says you can’t have a little fun while developing new relationships? Done right, gamifying conference experiences can create a sense of solidarity amongst participating groups, offering attendees a fun and engaging way to build bonds with fellow participants. Loquiz, a location-based game platform, for instance, allows event organizers to create bespoke scavenger hunt-style games for attendees that require teamwork in order to be successful. The content is completely customizable and the games are scalable, giving event organizers the freedom to cater the activity to the needs or interests of participants. Game on.

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