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With more than 1,000 in-depth case studies and hundreds being added throughout the year, Campaign Finder is the world's only comprehensive case study database exclusively representing the best campaigns in the experiential marketing industry.

How does it work?
With Campaign Finder, you can search, filter and download case studies by brand, industry, type of event, event objective and several other key criteria—just click into any search box to open up the drop-down menu, and select as many or as little criteria as you want. Or, you can simply keyword search in the ‘Keyword Search’ box. Want to know what Coca-Cola has been doing in the mobile tour space since 2012? Simply search by ‘Brand,’ ‘Type of Event’ and ‘Year’ to zero in. Want to review all of the best programs in the car industry designed to motivate dealers? Click into the ‘Industry’ and ‘Objective of Event’ search boxes and you’re on your way. Your search results will automatically load on the main search page, and once you click into any case study, you can review all of the case studies in your search using the forward and back arrows on the right and left of each page. Want to start over? Just click the 'Search Details' button. You can also print or save any case study using the 'Export to PDF' links at the top and bottom of each page.

The ways to use Campaign Finder are virtually limitless:

Get inspired: Get your creative juices flowing by looking through award-winning ideas from award-winning brands and agencies.
Build a strategy: Use the proven programs of the past to help build a foundation and plot your course for your future events strategies.
Validate ideas: Show clients and executives that your strategies have merit and have been proven effective for other top brands.
Track trends: Filter your search by broad or very specific criteria, and see what trends are shaking up each respective market.
Track awards: See what brands and agencies have been racking up the awards for the past decade. Or boost your own portfolio.
Track event technologies: Pick a technology (or several) and quickly find examples of who has been using them–and how.
Up your game: Time spent in Campaign Finder is like a master class in experiential–a decade's worth of best practices at your fingertips.

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