Uber Elevate Preps Decision-Makers for Urban Aviation

At Uber Elevate, Innovations and Experiential Make Flying Cars a Reality – Event Marketer
At Uber Elevate, Innovations and Experiential Make Flying Cars a Reality

At Uber Elevate, Innovations and Experiential Make Flying Cars a Reality

Uber Elevate, the annual event dedicated to showcasing the progress that’s been made toward launching commercial Uber Air aircraft by 2023, assembles key stakeholders from the worlds of aviation, government, investment and tech interested in urban aviation. This year’s event at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C., June 11-12, also focused on innovative Uber technologies across the company and offered interactive experiences from Uber and its partners designed to galvanize attendees around the not-too-distant future of urban aviation.

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“Over the last three years, our team and our partners have been working really closely with all aspects of state, federal, local, International government. But in addition to that, now is when we need that support because these aircraft are starting to get real,” says Nikhil Goel, head of product, aviation for Uber. “Starting next year, we are going to want to do demonstrations and tests in urban environments. And that means having the full out support of local and federal government.”

This year’s event showcased the technological progress of Uber Air, but it also presented innovations from Uber Eats, Uber JUMP, its self-driving unit and a “new mobility” unit—all under the Uber Elevate brand.

“For the first time, we brought in all innovative business units across Uber into one collective forum so that Uber Elevate could be the home of all of the innovative things happening across the company,” Goel says. “All of these new divisions are working on really cool technologies—ultimately, technology that is complementary to where Elevate is going.”

Among touchpoints were a showcase of a model aircraft for all the new eVTOL designs the brand is working on with partners, as well as an exhibition of Uber JUMP’s electric bikes and scooters, which are built with battery technology that will be modified for eVTOL (electric vehicle takeoff and landing). Bell Aircraft activated a full-size model of an air taxi cabin for attendees to climb into. Uber also built its own cabin with partner Saffron that was paired with a virtual reality experience. The ride, a trip from San Francisco to Santa Clara, CA, allowed attendees to view what a landing and takeoff “skyport” will look like, how riders might interact with other passengers, and how an Uber Air journey will sound.

Uber also displayed its drone delivery initiative, a just-announced self-driving Volvo and the brand also built an interactive course that attendees could maneuver through using JUMP’s newest bikes and scooters. Agency: Infinity Marketing Team, Culver City, CA.


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