Meet the Speakers: Walmart and Refreshing Evergreen Events

Meet the Speakers, EMS 2019: Walmart and Reinventing the Conference Wheel – Event Marketer
Meet the Speakers, EMS 2019

Meet the Speakers, EMS 2019: Walmart and Reinventing the Conference Wheel

We’re back with more event inspiration from the speaking faculty at the Experiential Marketing Summit, this year May 14-16, at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Today’s session preview: “The New Shareholder Meeting.”

Here’s the topline: Walmart’s annual Shareholder Meeting is a key driver of education and motivation amongst 14,000-plus shareholders and employees. But the success of long-running conferences depends on a brand’s ability to stay current by refreshing the programming. In this session, Walmart’s master of reinvention will offer insider tips on how to reinvigorate evergreen events with new engagement strategies and technologies. Bonus: The 2019 Shareholder Meeting will be held shortly after EMS, so prepare for a rare preview of what’s on the agenda.

meet_speakers_ems-2019-teaserInside EMS 2019:

Ahead of the show, we asked the speakers…


What’s on your to-do list as you sprint toward the 2019 Shareholder Meeting?

mark-henneberger1. Keep focused on the objectives for the week.

2. Roll out the “blue” carpet for our 6,000 visiting associates.

3. Create a once-in-a-lifetime brand experience.

4. Ensure that associates head home with a special connection to Walmart.

5. Finally, stay out of the way and let people do their jobs.

—Mark Henneberger, VP-Shows and Events, Walmart


david-kenyon“As we begin to sprint toward the 2019 Shareholder Meeting, we are focused on the core creative development of the show messaging, ‘wow’ talent moments and strong executive content delivery. The program always presents interesting designs through the custom scenic and media display, entertains with headline talent, but at its core, it is about working with the Walmart event solutions team to make sure executive messages are crafted with detail and strong intention.

At present, sets are being built, logistics and operations are in full swing, and we are looking ahead to another great meeting in Fayetteville, AR in June.”

—David Kenyon, SVP-Production, LEO Events

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