How Consumers Learned About Self-Care at LetsGetChecked’s Pop-up ‘Longevity Lab’ – Event Marketer

How Consumers Learned About Self-Care at LetsGetChecked’s Pop-up ‘Longevity Lab’ – Event Marketer
Inside LetsGetChecked’s 'Longevity Lab': On-Site Health Tests, an Influencer Panel and the UFC’s TJ Dillashaw

How Consumers Learned About Self-Care at LetsGetChecked’s Pop-up ‘Longevity Lab’

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UFC fighter TJ Dillashaw discussed the importance of tracking one’s health as a pro athlete.

Getting tested for various diseases and health conditions isn’t exactly a pleasurable experience, especially considering the vast amount of your time is typically spent on booking a doctor’s appointment and waiting for results. That notion was the impetus behind LetsGetChecked, a medical technology startup that provides at-home health testing and quick access to lab results. The brand aims to revolutionize healthcare by making it patient-led. So to eliminate the mystery around how its platform works and remove the intimidation factor associated with conducting one’s own medical tests, LetsGetChecked executed a one-day “Longevity Lab” pop-up in New York City. Influencers, press and consumers were all invited to the Nov. 1 event.

The focus of the day, naturally, was education. To that end, the event featured an array of speakers, including a panel of influencers who shared their experiences managing chronic diseases, and offered insights on how the brand delivers accessible solutions to manage those conditions. To boot, signage throughout the venue offered health statistics designed to motivate attendees to take control of their healthcare. Among them: “92.1 million U.S. adults are living with some form of cardiovascular disease or the after effects of a stroke.”

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Of course, LetsGetChecked also needed to educate consumers on the at-home testing itself, so the brand’s U.S. medical director, Robert Mordkin, and his medical team were also on-site to administer complimentary tests and provide more information. The brand offers a broad array of health tests, but for the pop-up, it focused on two of the biggest killers in the U.S.: cardiovascular disease and diabetes, both of which affect a large swath of the population. To get tested for either disease, attendees used iPads to create a digital profile that allowed the company to track their lab results, then worked with the medical staff to complete the procedure. Participants could have their test results sent to their phone, or receive a call from a LetsGetChecked nurse within 24 hours.

Watch: Consumers get tested at the Longevity Lab

Rounding out the experience was an appearance by UFC fighter TJ Dillashaw, who discussed the importance of tracking, monitoring and improving one’s health as a professional athlete, bringing the platform’s chief applications—disease management and optimizing performance for athletes—full circle. Dillashaw discussed his training efforts and how LetsGetChecked has helped boost his performance and ensured he’s in an optimal state of fitness. “It’s not ‘bro’ science anymore where it’s like, ‘I think I feel good,’” Dillashaw told attendees. “It’s like, ‘No, I know I feel good. I can see the results.’”

The activation was the first of its kind for LetsGetChecked and, based on its success, is slated to become a quarterly endeavor for the brand.

“As you try to grow a brand, obviously digital channels are very measurable, but you need to step outside just purely working online,” says Peter Foley, founder and ceo of LetsGetChecked. “That was the purpose of this. By having an event, people can see something tangible and engage with our staff. Those kinds of exercises are critical for building immediate awareness and brand loyalty and recognition. And that’s exactly why we did it.” Agency: Sense New York, New York City.


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