EventTech 411: Wearable Smart Badges – Event Marketer

EventTech 411: Wearable Smart Badges – Event Marketer
EventTech 411: Mobile Audience Engagement Tools

EventTech 411: Wearable Smart Badges

From the creators of EventTech, the industry’s largest learning lab on event technology and live events, we bring you EventTech 411, our periodic roundup of effective event technologies. In this installation, we take a look at the smart badge market. As wearable technology continues to advance, a growing number of event marketers are leveraging the latest in beacon technology to turn standard conference badges into wearables that provide a more streamlined event experience, and offer detailed data on attendee behavior and preferences. Here’s a look at three devices that will help turn your attendees’ nametags into powerful engagement tools.



Who: Hubvents

What: Aimed at exhibitors, the SmartTrac platform is comprised of a wearable two-way “Traco” beacon that couples with Proximity Sensors to track attendee behaviors, including real-time updates on when valuable prospects enter an exhibitor’s booth.

How it Works: Each Traco beacon identifies its wearer and works in conjunction with Proximity Sensors to track his or her movement in real time. That information is then instantly updated to the Hubvents cloud. Data analytics and post-event reports are also part of the package thanks to Hubvent’s proprietary algorithms, which meticulously analyze attendees’ behavioral data and provide analytical insights on how to improve future events.

Product Features: 

• Notifies exhibitors when valuable prospects enter their booths based on analysis of attendees’ profiles and behavioral attributes
• Provides attendees with an event journey report that illustrates who they connected with, where and when meetings took place and which booths and sessions were visited
• Provides event organizers with comprehensive analytical data on the interactions and whereabouts of each individual attendee

Who’s Using it: The Consumer Technology Association affixed Traco beacons to the badges of its “C Space” audience at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

More Information: hubvents.com/device


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event tech_eventbiteventBit

Who: Experient

What: A wearable two-way beacon that leverages proprietary lead retrieval devices to create networking opportunities for attendees. It also offers personalized booth and session recommendations, and tracks key attendee behaviors.

How it Works: The beacons are used in conjunction with eventBit Hubs (sensors) positioned throughout the show floor that read each device that passes by and transmit its data to a secure website where it is collected and presented in real time.

Product Features:

• Offers real-time show floor analysis and heat maps
• Allows event organizers to track individual demographics
• Provides attendees with data illustrating who they connected with, where and when meetings took place and which booths and sessions were visited
• Provides attendee networking opportunities based on matching interests
• Tracks attendee dwell time for sessions and booth visits
• Provides exhibitors with information on any attendee who visits their booth, whether or not they personally interact with the individual
• Offers post-event links to relevant session content based on each attendee’s event journey

Who’s Using it: The have been incorporated into the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists’ National Biotechnology Conference.

More Information: eventbit.experient-inc.com


event tech_loopd wearableLoopd Badge

Who: Loopd

What: Billed as “the world’s first engagement sensor for events,” Loopd’s second-gen, two-way wearable beacon allows the user to virtually exchange contact information with other event attendees, and records details, such as time and location, for each interaction. The device also offers event organizers information on each attendee’s conference journey.

How it Works: Working in tandem with beacon sensors located throughout the show floor, the wearable is attached to a conference badge and activated by a touch feature that incorporates an LED light pipe. After lightly touching the device, the pipe emits a stream of yellow light from top to bottom. The light serves as visual confirmation that digital business cards, marketing materials and other important content has been shared between the participating attendees and moved into the cloud.

Product Features:

• Provides seamless sharing of contact information
• Automatically checks attendees into and out of sessions
• Provides attendees with an event journey report that illustrates who they connected with, where and when meetings took place and which booths and sessions were visited
• Future iterations will include a badge with a back clip, and an intelligent insert for a wristband
• Includes gamification options

Who’s Using it: The first generation of the Loopd Badge has been leveraged at events including the Box Developer Conference and XeroCon Denver.  The second iteration has already been used at MongoDB World and South by Southwest.

More Information: loopd.com/badge


*This article was originally published in 2017 and is updated periodically

This story appeared in the March 2017 issue
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