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Warner Bros. Hits Malls to Showcase New Video Games

Warner Brothers Studios recently wrapped a 12-stop interactive mall tour in December in Gurnee, IL, that featured Kid’s WB Game Stations showcasing the Scooby Doo, Lego Rockband, Where the Wild Things Are, Scribblenauts, Touch Master, The Clique Diss & Makeup and Game Party WB video game titles. The games are targeted at children five to twelve years old and are available on the Nintendo Wii and DS systems, Xbox 360 and on PCs. The mall tour ran in conjunction with the website kidswb.com, where a different selection of exclusively online games are available. The tour hit the road Nov. 27 in White Plains, NY and traveled to both U.S. coasts and the Midwest.

“It wasn’t just about playing the games and getting people some hands on experience with them, it was about showing how they are relatable to all ages: parents and kids,” Stephanie Johnson, vp-marketing for kids and casual at Warner Brothers, told Buzz. “It was also a great opportunity to team up with our partners at kidswb.com to showcase the ways kids can interact with both of our brands.” Agency: Freddie Georges Production Group, Los Angeles.

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