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CES 2024 Coverage: How Siemens Builds Stories into its Exhibits

Glowing overhead LED cubes with brand colors and messaging made it impossible to miss the Siemens Digital Industries Software exhibit at CES 2024, where attendees could explore the brand’s innovative technologies solving real-world challenges through the stories of companies and people who use them. 

“Our motto is that technology transforms the everyday for everyone,” says Stacey Gromlich, senior director-audience engagement and global events at Siemens. “We want people to understand that our technology enables people who have ideas to turn them into innovations that profoundly change the way we live and play, make and work in the world.” 

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Rooted in this concept, the 50-foot by 60-foot exhibit was divided into four sections that presented the company’s innovations in each of those fields through partner stories. “Live” featured intelligent habitat solutions with Inhab. In “Work,” attendees could check out a mixed-reality headset by Sony that empowers engineers to work together in the industrial metaverse and, for example, design custom parts for Red Bull Racing. “Play” highlighted the work of Unlimited Tomorrow, an innovator using the Siemens Xcelerator platform to create affordable and customizable prosthetics. “Make” showcased the work of Blendhub in using Siemens technology to tackle food insecurity and transform food production. 

“I love being able to tell the human stories behind the technology,” says Adam Charles, executive vp at Sparks, a Freeman Company. Gromlich agrees. “Humanizing what we do, taking it out of a technology or a grouping of technologies and allowing people to see their impact is far more important to us than the detail of each of the solutions.”

In a sea of walled-in booths, the Siemens space felt warm and welcoming, while structured and easy to navigate. Attendees could step in on any side, sit down under a sound dome and, for example, watch a two-minute story about making perfect-fit limbs for children who need them before exploring the touchscreens and kiosks to see the tech in action. QR codes offered an even deeper dive. 

“We hoped to entice people to come in and not feel like they’re trapped in one location. They can come meander, get the story themselves, or interact with one of our experts,” says Gromlich. “I think this also helps us build a community.” (Lead Partner: Freeman)

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The exhibit’s suspended, glowing cubes made a statement in North Hall.

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