January 30, 2024

Free Guide: The Event Trends That Matter Most in 2024

The Event Trends That Matter Most in 2024—and How to Meaningfully Deploy Them Business events are poised for transformation as content is revolutionized, sustainability takes center stage, artificial intelligence cracks open efficiencies and traditional formats are deconstructed. Oh, and don’t forget fun. In this guide, we explore what’s changing in culture and in the event...

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January 18, 2023

State of the industry snapshot

If it feels like you’re doing a lot more with a lot less—you’re right. Event marketers have always been masters of working on lean budgets and fast-paced timelines, but as events make their comeback and event teams set their sights on 2023, budgets and resources appear to be tighter than ever. In this “State of...

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July 13, 2021

EventTrack 2021

The latest edition of EventTrack 2021 takes a look at the impact of the pandemic on in-person experiences—and analyzes that impact to help with the recovery and re-activation period we’re entering.

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