CES 2024 Coverage: Scenes, Stories and Showstopping Booths from Las Vegas

The annual CES is underway in Las Vegas this week, and under the theme “All Together. All On.,” sea-to-sky innovations, beautiful and collaborative smart tech, AI for health care and sustainability in construction are among some of the hot topics being discussed this year.

On the product and prototype front, innovations ranging from 3D printed teeth to yard robots to biometric smart locks and—get this, experience builders—mixed reality headset for spatial content creation from Sony, are getting media buzz. Consumer technology is entering a new era of design, and you might say the booth experiences on-site at this world’s largest expo for consumer technology are, too.

Inside the halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center, for example, you’ll find walls. A lot of walls, as well as tight and defined entrances—and, in some cases, queue lines to get in. Design choices appear to be more sustainable, but luxe. There’s use of greenery, lighting play, fabrics, and incorporating the convention center’s concrete flooring into themes. And shoutout to all the free coffee and steak bites (we see you, Hisense) on offer throughout.

Here’s what we’re seeing and hearing so far on the show floor. Check out part two of our CES 2024 report here. (For coverage questions and agency/fabricator credits, reach out to Rachel Boucher, [email protected].)

Walled-in Booths

CES 2024_Walls_Brunswich

Marine recreation brand Brunswick’s booth is entirely walled in, with a serene vibe inside, complete with an elevated “boat deck” with cable railing, water projections, and chill music.

CES 2024_Walls_VIP_Hyundai

Hyundai’s booth features tall walls all around and a timed queue line (or reservations system) to get in. (Partner: Astound Group)

CES 2024_Walls_Luminar_2024

A lighted passageway serves as a side entrance into Luminar’s booth.


Sheer ‘Walls’

CES 2024_Sheer_Walls_Panasonic_2024

Panasonic’s usual spot in Central Hall has a dreamy vibe with sheer curtains serving as walls. (Partner: Czarnowski)

CES 2024_Sheer_Sony

Sony’s Central Hall space is wide open with sheer panels encompassing product areas.

Kohler’s sheer walls offered plenty of eye candy—flowing water and displays of the brand’s smart (and luxe) bath product innovations. (Partner: 3D Exhibits)



CES 2024_Attractivations_SK

From rides to virtual reality, there were many thrills for attendees across the show floor. SK certainly takes the cake with its carnival-themed booth, complete with a mini ride, AI fortune teller and “crystal ball,” that made us all think of Sphere. More on this booth this week.



“Recycling is groovy” is the vibe at Mitsubishi’s Electric Recycling Disco, a digital learning experience that invited attendees to try different sorting technologies to recycle a variety of plastics used in home electric appliances, including TVs and air conditioners, while enjoying fun disco rhythms. Spinning virtual records and sorting plastics on their tablets turned everyone into a Recycling DJ, with stickers and vinyl record-style coasters as proof.


Mood Lighting


It’s the year of dim lighting and lighting play in booths, from projected signage to spotlights on key products. Here is a scene from Hisense. (Partner: Impact XM)


Here’s a look at a product showcase for a new “Dukebox” multisensory entertainment experience product in LG’s booth. (Partner: Czarnowski)




Hurray for color palettes… Kia’s mobility booth in West Hall offers four vignettes, each with its own color story.


Bosch traded its signature red in an energy-themed booth experience.


And shoutout to Bosch for offering a themed complimentary coffee café.


Suspended Builds


If you’re going to compete with walls, you might as well leverage the ceiling. Here, Mercedes-Benz leverages color and height for its super-luxe booth in West Hall.


And Siemens returned to CES with a reimagined booth experience and use of height and color to stand out in West Hall. (Partner: Freeman)


Sustainability Stories


It’s of course a major theme of CES this year, but brands are taking their sustainability messages seriously, with dedicated displays, demonstrations, and in the case of TCL, an encased product sustainability certificate. (Partner: George P. Johnson)


Here’s a pretty display from Samsung on its sustainability partnerships. (Partner: MC²)


Travel Themes


We’re digging Canon’s imaginative airport-themed booth, complete with check-in, directional signage and then a portal that had attendees “traveling” into a new era for the brand. More on this booth soon. (Partners: Publicis Media Content & Innovation; Sparks)


Samsung leveraged the concrete flooring for its city theme with directional signage and crosswalks. (Partner: MC²)


Look out for more coverage of CES 2024, including booth deep-dives and Q&As.

Additional reporting by Event Marketer correspondent, Anna Huddleston.

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