Podcast: Taking Pride in Employee Events, with Roger Mahusay of T-Mobile

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Roger Mahusay, Associate Events Manager, T-Mobile

For this episode’s guest, Roger Mahusay, the path to events was an unconventional one. He went from the Air Force to biology to retail to now associate events manager at T-Mobile. In this interview, Mahusay dives into how he got his foot in the door at corporate and discovered a passion for creating events that he used to enjoy himself as a front-line employee. Equipped with a unique attendee perspective, Mahusay gets creative to elevate T-Mobile’s employee events, pride parade appearances and incentive programs across the country, ensuring participants have unforgettable experiences.

“What I like to capture and get through with these events is definitely the feeling of joy, feeling of excitement, making longtime memories because that’s also what I took from some of these events. Bringing diverse people together, I think it’s very important,” he says. “This is definitely very far from where I started when I wanted to be a doctor because I wanted to help people. But in some ways, I still feel like planning an event does help. … Just seeing the feeling that they get when they walk across the stage with their accomplishments. I think that’s amazing.”

We first met Mahusay as an honoree of our 2023 Experiential in Color + Pride in Events diversity recognition program. In his Pride in Events feature, Mahusay spoke on finding his voice, which he expands on in this episode, but he also stresses the importance of good leadership, maintaining a work/life balance and continuing to attend other events for inspiration and trendspotting.

“It’s definitely surreal, and sometimes I pinch myself in the morning like this is my job because it doesn’t feel like a job,” Mahusay says. “It’s a lot of hard work, but I’m passionate about it. So it’s definitely not only life-changing… I feel fulfilled doing events.”


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