Yahoo Finance Turns Heads with a Beaming Bank Vault

Stunts: Yahoo Finance Promotes its Subscription Product with a Bank Vault – Event Marketer
Stunts: Yahoo Finance Promotes its Subscription Product with a Bank Vault

Stunts: Yahoo Finance Promotes its Subscription Product with a Bank Vault

To support its newly launched Premium subscription service, Yahoo Finance gave consumers in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal the combination to its vault. Well, almost. On July 23, the brand activated a giant, beaming bank vault stunt stuffed with branded money bags, gold stacks and fake $100 dollar bills, and invited commuters and other passersby to sign up for the service, win prizes and snap photos for a sweepstakes. The goal: to democratize financial knowledge and spread the word about Yahoo Finance Premium, which offers an insider’s look at investment trends and insights from experts in the field.

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Open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in Vanderbilt Hall, commuters and consumers of all ages were invited to engage with Yahoo staff equipped with tablets, where they provided their name and email in order to then spin a virtual vault handle on the device and open up a virtual locker to reveal a surprise. Some of the lockers held prizes, others didn’t. But all attendees were able to sign up for a complimentary 28-day trial of Yahoo Finance Premium. After playing the virtual vault game, consumers were invited to snap photos in the vault. Staffers snapped photos from consumers’ devices, or used their tablets and sent them instantly via email. Anyone who posted to social media from the vault with #YFGiveaway were entered in for a chance to win a $1,000 prize.

According to Joanna Lambert, gm of Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Finance Premium gives retail investors “access to sophisticated data, insights and tools that Wall Street investors use every day.” Since launching Yahoo Finance Premium, the brand found that 40 percent of subscribers are under the age of 40, an insight that helped guide the consumer-facing bank vault activation strategy.

In addition to the prize giveaways, Yahoo Finance anchor Sibile Marcellus was on-site for remote interviews throughout the day on Yahoo Finance’s bell-to-bell eight-hour live shows. And parent company Verizon Media’s entire ecosystem of brands, including HuffPost and Yahoo Lifestyle, promoted personal finance content across their channels to drive buzz for the stunt activations. Build: MVRK, Orlando, FL.


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