Sampling Drives Enjoy Life Foods' Allergy-Free Messaging

School Bus Food Truck Sampling Drives Home Enjoy Life Foods' Allergy-Free Messaging

School Bus Food Truck Sampling Drives Enjoy Life Foods’ Allergy-Free Messaging

Enjoy Life Foods, which makes allergy-friendly food products, conducted a study several years ago that found that consumers with food allergies or concerns about ingredients are 137 percent more likely to purchase products if they’ve sampled them first. It’s why the brand has embraced sampling tours and in March launched its latest one—a 28-week tour that kicked off at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA. The “school bus” food truck is headed to 32 markets and will sample at food allergy expos, retail locations and family-friendly venues through September.

“We know that sampling works, and we decided that we wanted to position our brands, our allergy-friendly foods, in the minds of consumers as really good for on-the-go and for school lunches,” says Katherine Brunk, brand experiential manager at Enjoy Life Foods. “With so many schools outlawing specific ingredients, we want to make sure people know that our products are made in a certified nut-free and gluten-free facility, and what better way to do that than to sample from a school bus across the country.”

The school bus sampling truck, while supporting the brand’s overall marketing goal, is also designed to spark curiosity. At Expo West, for example, Enjoy Life parked its school bus alongside the food trucks on-site for the event, generating visual interest. The brand has chosen products to sample that work well for school lunches or to keep in a school desk, like mini cookie packs and granola bars, and is plugging the hashtag #SnackFreely. Other activation elements include a photo activation with a branded backdrop.

After sampling the products, consumers receive coupons to use in local retail stores. Enjoy Life will track redemption rates, as well as conduct on-site surveys, measuring purchase intent, recommended intent and brand awareness in each market. Agency: Inspira Marketing Group, Norwalk, CT.

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