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Planters Nutmobile Spreads Sustainability Message

Planters is crossing the country this spring and summer in a brand-new mobile vehicle called the Nutmobile, a 25-foot 2011 Isuzu Series NPR truck that runs on biodiesel, is powered by solar panels and a wind turbine and features flooring made from reclaimed wood (Build: Turtle Transit, Lancaster, MA). The Naturally Remarkable Tour kicked off Feb. 23 and is visiting 16 cities through August where the brand will sample its products and spread its eco-friendly message.

The visitor experience includes a photo op with Mr. Peanut against an oversized backdrop. Attendees can download their photo on iPad kiosks and share on Facebook. They can also partake in a “Tree Point” basketball game with a slightly larger than usual hoop made out of a natural-looking wood backboard and facade. There is also a cart where honey roasted peanuts are warmed for an organic sampling experience.

“Being able to take Mr. Peanut’s world on the road in the environmentally-friendly Nutmobile and allowing consumers to taste our product and take a picture with Mr. Peanut really brings it all to life in a way that nothing other than a live event could do,” Lauryn McDonough, brand manager-scale at Planters, told Buzz.

Four of the cities on the tour—New Orleans, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C.–were selected to have vacant lots in their cities transformed into a peanut-shaped Planters Grove park using local reclaimed materials and native trees and plants. The parks are designed by renowned landscape designer Ken Smith in collaboration with the service and conservation group, Corps Network. The centerpiece at the parks is a Mr. Peanut statue. Agency: Momentum Worldwide, New York City.

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