Inside Mattel’s Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tour

Engaging Lifelong Fans: Inside Mattel’s Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tour – Event Marketer
How Mattel Deepens Engagement on its Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tour

Engaging Lifelong Fans: Inside Mattel’s Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tour


Five trucks from the show are larger-than-life versions of Mattel’s toy vehicles.

Mattel’s Hot Wheels brand is a multi-generational property, one that attracts young consumers who play with the toy vehicles in their rooms on up to adult Hot Wheel collectors. Identifying an opportunity to engage those groups, and monster truck enthusiasts, Mattel created the ticketed Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live tour that is currently traveling the country. But in addition to the monster truck spectacle, Mattel is deepening the engagement with pre- and post-show activation zones that give fans in the stands an experience on the arena floor.

“Live experiences in general are very important touchpoints for us with all our brands, so when you start to look at our young audiences, with all of these extensions of the brand, we’re creating these life-long memories for them—whether it’s their first ride with Thomas & Friends or a child’s first theatrical experience with the American Girl Live show and now this, their first motor sports event with Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live, it’s such a natural fit to bring this event to life in this way,” says Julie Freeland, senior director-global live events and attractions at Mattel.

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There are six trucks in the show, five of which are Mattel trucks that are toys brought to life in a big way as monster trucks. On top of the drivers in the trucks performing stunts to earn points, there are BMX riders that perform ramp jumps, world record attempts, and even a fire-breathing transformer-style robot called Megasaurus.

But before all that excitement begins, fans can come early to the event to take part in the free Crash Zone Pre-Show Party, where they have access to the arena to take pictures and get driver autographs (on signature “hero cards” provided to them). There are activations, like Hot Wheels Trivia on a larger-than-life video screen for a chance for fans to win giveaways, there is a Hot Wheels kiosk with exclusive tour merchandise, and there is a Hot Wheels Race Zone with a designated track and Hot Wheels Monster Truck toys for fans to test their racing and stunting skills.

During the show, there is additional fan engagement with commentators explaining the rules of the competition, the different maneuvers the drivers must make and the points they earn for doing so. There is trivia on big screens, giveaways (like the chance to walk away with New Bright remote control cars they tested in the Crash Zone), and a video board that features social media posts by fans and dance cams.

The program this year grew from the Hot Wheels Legends Tour last year that took place at over a dozen Walmart stores across the country. The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live tour is expected to hit more than 20 cities in 2019. Agency: Raycom-Legacy Content Company, Charlotte, NC.



A Hot Wheels Race Zone features a designated track and Hot Wheels Monster Truck toys for fans to engage with.

Photo courtesy: David T. Kindler

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