Fans Tweet for Lucky Charms 'Drops' on St. Patrick’s Day

Micro-programs: Consumers Tweet for Lucky Charms ‘Drops’ on St. Patrick’s Day – Event Marketer
General Mills Activates Lucky Charms 'Drops' in Boston for St. Patrick’s Day

Micro-programs: Consumers Tweet for Lucky Charms ‘Drops’ on St. Patrick’s Day


Lucky and the brand team covered 159 zip codes in total.

General Mills’ Lucky Charms brand partnered with delivery service Shipt for a Saint Patrick’s Day micro-program in Boston that had consumers posting on social media to be selected for a delivery of the cereal by its brand character, Lucky, himself. The daylong program, which began at 12:01 a.m. on the holiday, invited consumers to post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with #LuckyCharmsDrop and #Sweepstakes to be automatically entered to win a delivery.

“In listening to our core consumer around Lucky, we found that consumers celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in unique ways that are true to their household, similar to what some families do with Elf on the Shelf, so we thought, how cool would it be to have somebody like Lucky show up at a home on Saint Patrick’s Day,” says Josh Arnold, manager-experiential marketing, at General Mills. “It would be a slam dunk for any parent.”

In the lead-up to the day, Shipt posted Lucky Charms in its ordering channels and on marquee locations within its app and website. General Mills, in turn, posted radio ads and announced the program on its social media channels. A microsite was built to explain the rules and terms and conditions. Then, on Saint Patrick’s Day, Lucky and the brand team traveled across the city and to surrounding communities, covering 159 zip codes total. Consumers received real-time updates from Lucky and the prize team as they headed to homes, dorm rooms, a fraternity, a bar and a few places of work. At a few houses, Lucky left an oversized spoon with his name engraved on it as an additional surprise for families to discover later.

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For General Mills, the program was a test to see what sort of pickup and engagement the brand could generate without an extra-large budget and through strategic partnerships with customers, like Shipt.

“We have to think of innovative ways that we can partner with our different customers like Shipt and use our own channels to promote what we do,” Arnold says. “This involved a lot of old school tactics, like poster-writing, markers, plotting, but it was great to see what we were able to pull off—it wasn’t a big traditional check-writing program for us, it was about using the assets that we have.” Agency: NCompass, Los Angeles.

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