Pizza Hut Engages Gamers with a Retro Arcade at RTX 2015

Pizza Hut Engages Gamers at RTX 2015

Pizza Hut Engages Gamers with a Retro Arcade

Pizza Hut geeked out with the best of them Aug. 7-9 as title sponsor of the RTX 2015 video game and digital video festival in Austin, produced by Rooster Teeth. Rebranded as RTX Delivered by Pizza Hut, the show marked its fifth and biggest year to date with more than 40,000 attendees celebrating the world of gaming and Internet celebrities.

The sponsorship placed Pizza Hut signage prominently throughout the festival’s locations at the Austin Convention Center, JW Marriott and Hilton Garden Inn. It was the lineup of engagements, however, that drew attention to the brand and highlighted the cultural relationship between video games and pizza.

The main attraction was the launch of the brand’s #RetroBytes Arcade and gaming tournament, which gave attendees the chance to compete against each other, as well as some of their favorite Rooster Teeth personalities and Internet celebrities, in classic arcade video games like Mario Bros., Mortal Kombat and Pac-Man. The tournament garnered extra attention when YouTube influencers like ScrewAttack joined the competition and tweeted about the experience. On the last day of the festival, the final four competitors played for the title on the RTX Center Stage, as the contest was live-streamed on YouTube.

Pizza Hut also offered free samples of Cheesy Bites Pizza inside the arcade each day, ultimately dishing out more than 8,000 slices. In addition, the brand sponsored several panels at the convention, including the live filming of Rooster Teeth’s official game show, “On The Spot,” which is now posted to the studio’s YouTube channel.

“Consumers value brands who participate in events they are passionate about, especially when they can naturally enhance the event beyond logo placement,” says Lincoln Faulkner, digital media manager at Pizza Hut.

“Building an experience where gamers could play classic video games they used to play in pizza arcades, while also eating our pizza, was a natural tie for our brand.”

The activation ultimately garnered 6,000 booth visits, 500,000 YouTube views and two million social impressions. Talk about the big cheese. Agency: In-house

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