Herbalife’s Fit + Fuel Station Aims to Rejuvenate Festivalgoers

Herbalife’s Fit + Fuel Station Aims to Rejuvenate Festivalgoers
Herbalife’s Fit + Fuel Station at SXSW Aims to Rejuvenate Busy Festivalgoers

Herbalife Nutrition’s Fit + Fuel Station at SXSW Aims to Rejuvenate Busy Festivalgoers

If you’ve ever attended the SXSW Conference & Festivals, you’ve probably experienced scurrying between endless panels and parties without eating a proper meal (and no, taking advantage of that four-hour open bar does not constitute a proper meal). That’s where Herbalife Nutrition comes in. The nutrition company made its debut at this year’s festival, March 9-18 in Austin, with an outdoor Fit + Fuel Station designed to provide attendees with a place to relax and refuel with healthy snacks and beverages, and playful engagements.

To help festivalgoers trade a few of those breakfast tacos and beers for more nutritious options, Herbalife recruited its independent distributors to participate in the activation. The suppliers were on-site each day answering questions, educating attendees on the brand’s mission, and offering personalized product suggestions to help guide them through the Herbalife platform. The idea was to illustrate to attendees that their hectic SXSW schedules might not be so different from the chaos of their daily lives, and how Herbalife products can provide a quick and healthy solution.




In addition to interacting with distributors, attendees could order free, full-sized protein shakes, teas or aloe drinks at the Fit + Fuel bar; snag a quick energy boost at a grab-and-go station; and juice up their devices while taking advantage of free Wi-Fi in a seated charging area. There was also a Cristiano Ronaldo photo experience (the soccer star is a brand partner), a chalkboard that read, “Our Purpose is to Make The World Healthier & Happier. What’s Yours?” where attendees could write inspirational messages, and a Boomerang photo op inside a branded ball pit

“Our ultimate goal was to make sure that people knew about the product, had a great experience with it and that it helped them here at Southby,” says Erin Richards-Kunkel, director of social media at Herbalife Nutrition. “It’s a festival, it’s a conference, people are here for multiple different reasons, but everybody has a similar experience. We’ve been hearing, ‘Oh yeah, I had a fried chicken sandwich for breakfast and I’m running low on energy and hydration,’ and ‘there are tons of open bars and free alcohol, but not a lot of places to get water…’ So we thought what a great opportunity to provide such a wonderful value—this is actually servicing a need for people.” Agency: Track Marketing, New York City.




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