Getting a Multiple-Leg Mobile Tour on the Road - Event Marketer

Getting a Multiple-Leg Mobile Tour on the Road – Event Marketer

Getting a Multiple-Leg Mobile Tour on the Road

For many brands a mobile tour is exactly the right medium but without the optimum reach.

Which is why some marketers are saying goodbye to the one-truck campaign and instead launching multiple mobile vehicles simultaneously. Deploying several vehicles all at once can generate more buzz more impressions and bigger results. But it’s also more challenging than your average mobile tour.
A few quick tips for getting a multiple-leg mobile tour on the road.

Zone Perfect. 
There are a variety of ways to divide the legs of your tour. Some brands do it regionally. But Bob Major event marketing manager at Hewlett-Packard suggests keeping each vehicle within a single time zone as much as possible to help prevent crews from missing events due to time-zone–induced confusion.

Nailing down the scheduling and logistics for one tour can be a substantial challenge by itself. A multiple-leg tour requires a more complex strategy.
For Bosch Tools’ four-leg Big Blue Tour this year the company has a three-part scheduling process. Paul Matras the company’s event marketing coordinator says the approach is “designed to keep the travel days down so we can maximize the number of events we do per year with the vehicles.” Looking at each leg of the tour separately the company gets with the sales force to map out the must-hit events including large accounts. Then the company plots an initial tour route showing what stops and what routes are still open for event days. Lastly working with each sales force the event team fills in which accounts they can hit with the vehicles.

Feed the Point.
Each leg of the tour will produce a separate set of data and ROI measures. Designate a point person on the staff to deal with collecting and analyzing the info from each team. It’s easier to process the data when each time zone or region can be analyzed separately Major says.

Join Forces.
From scheduling to data collection a multi-pronged campaign is easier to handle if the company treats each leg like its own separate tour. But don’t forget to step back and look at the entire tour for big opportunities. For major events consider routing two or three vehicles to meet up and create a big presence. Anheuser-Busch for example ended its two-prong Clydesdales Across America Tour last year with a big joint finish in the company’s hometown of St. Louis.


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