Hennessy's Le Grand Voyage Offers a Multisensory Journey

Hennessy's Le Grand Voyage Offers a Multisensory Journey

Hennessy’s Pop-up Takes Consumers on a Multisensory Journey Through the Cognac-Making Process

Ahhh… there’s nothing quite like knocking back a deep, satisfying sip of cognac to lift one’s spirits, which is just what Hennessy set out to do with Le Grand Voyage, a week-long series of events that immersed consumers in a journey through the Cognac-making process. Held in the Industry City area of Brooklyn in New York City from Nov. 8 to 14, the experience leveraged multisensory elements to showcase the nature, people and know-how of the 250-plus-year-old brand.

Le Grand Voyage offered a firsthand look into the role of nature, science and human touch at every stage of production as part of Hennessy’s strategy to promote the brand’s craft credentials, flavor complexity and link to American cocktail culture.

“A nod to the thriving Cognac category and its unprecedented growth, Le Grand Voyage welcomed consumers into the rich and distinct world of Hennessy… and a process perfected by tradition,” says Richard McLeod, brand director at Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege.

Here, we take you on a visual journey of the experience. And the taste? You’ll just have to experience that on your own. (Agency: NVE: The Experience Agency, Beverly Hills, CA)


Inside Hennessy’s Le Grand Voyage Event Series:


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