How The Berkeley’s Out Of The Blue Experience is Elevating Multisensory Events – Event Marketer

How The Berkeley’s Out Of The Blue Experience is Elevating Multisensory Events – Event Marketer
How The Berkeley’s Out Of The Blue Experience is Elevating Multisensory Events

How The Berkeley’s Out Of The Blue Experience is Elevating Multisensory Events

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Studio shots were mixed with real landscape footage to create four psychedelic films.

If you think you know multisensory events, think again. Luxury hotel The Berkeley on Nov. 15 took sensory experiences to new heights with the launch of its Out Of The Blue experience, which will run indefinitely at its London property. Designed by the staff at its on-site watering hole, Blue Bar, and key technology partners, Out Of The Blue features a 360-degree projection environment where specially designed films and molecular scents combine with craft cocktails to create a dreamlike experience that enhances the perception of flavor through sight, sound and scent. The concept behind the experience stems from the theory that the context of a drink affects flavor, and that taste can be enhanced or transformed by the environment in which it is enjoyed.

To bring the 30-minute experience to life, The Berkeley partnered with film production company Armoury to create four psychedelic films that mixed studio shots with real landscape footage of historic sites, and 360-degree footage of the Scottish Highlands captured by drone. The company reimagined the cocktails as abstract destinations, using the ingredients of each drink served as the focal point of inspiration to create a surreal, multisensory experience powered by bespoke ultra-short throw projector technology.

The experience is multifaceted, to say the least. So, we tapped Daniel Baernreuther, director of food and beverage at The Berkeley and creative lead on Out Of The Blue, to find out more. Here’s what he had to say. Partners: Armoury, London (film production); Igloo Vision, London (projection technology); Sensiks, Vught, Netherlands (sensory reality).


Event Marketer: What was the key marketing goal behind this activation?

Daniel Baernreuther: Out Of The Blue was created to showcase the innovation within our team at the Blue Bar and how, here at The Berkeley, creativity is at the forefront of all we do.


EM: Why was a multisensory setting leveraged for this experience?

DB: We wanted to arouse the senses in every way possible and by collaborating with Armoury, Sensiks and Igloo we have created a one-of-a-kind, fully immersive sensory reality experience to stimulate sight, scent and taste simultaneously.


EM: Tell us about the four films viewed during the experience.

DB: Each film takes inspiration from the ingredients within each of the drinks and creates a sensation of being within or surrounded by that which you are tasting at any given time.


EM: What were the key touchpoints of the experience?

DB: All elements of Out Of The Blue hold equal importance and one could not exist without the other. The films provide a total sense of filmic escapism enhanced by the short throw projection technology through which they are viewed. This is further enhanced by the scents, which infiltrate the space at certain moments throughout the films to heighten the taste of each ingredient as they hit the palette.


EM: Why are live experiences valuable to your brand?

DB: All things innovative are valuable and we wanted to create something that the London bar scene really hasn’t seen before in order to continue to push the boundaries of luxury experience.


Video: Behind the Scenes at The Berkeley’s Out Of The Blue Experience


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