Bare Snacks’ SoCal Orchard Sampling Pop-up Highlights Real Ingredients – Event Marketer

Bare Snacks’ SoCal Orchard Sampling Pop-up Highlights Real Ingredients – Event Marketer
Bare Snacks Sampling Pop-up

Bare Snacks’ SoCal Orchard Sampling Pop-up Highlights Real Ingredients

Consumers in Southern California don’t typically get to experience fall foliage and the fun that goes along with it, like jumping into piles of raked leaves and apple picking in orchards. So, to bring a bit of fall to SoCal families while promoting its apple chips to health-conscious consumers, Bare Snacks activated a beachside apple orchard-themed sampling pop-up in Venice Beach. The experience offered apple-inspired art installations, a fall leaf pit with an aerial camera to create branded GIFs, and wellness workshops in the space hosted by family nutrition influencers.

Bare Snacks has a portfolio of baked snacks that includes apple chips, banana chips, coconut chips, veggie chips and its newest product, Bare Medleys. But the apple chips represent the bulk of its business. The pop-up’s goal was to drive brand awareness and tell the story of how the chips are made: with hand-picked apples that are then sliced and baked, all without added sugar.

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“The processed simplicity of our Bare apple chips is something that we are extremely proud of,” says Tom Stingelin, marketing director at Bare Snacks. “So, as our marketing resources have scaled with the growth of the business, it’s always been the dream of the brand team to find ways to share the simplicity of our Bare apple chips.” 

Supporting that marketing message on-site were activities like apple picking from real trees and an educational “apple in, apple out” wall where attendees could pick an apple from a tree and walk through the process of creating the apple chips.

“They got to understand that the apple is really picked and then washed, sliced and baked,” Stingelin says. “And at the end of the experience, kids and the families could walk away with a free bag of snacks.”

Beyond ensuring that the experience was fun and engaging for families, the pop-up’s second objective was to scale the on-site impressions beyond the activity itself by inviting leading wellness and family nutrition influencers to spread that message beyond those who were able to attend the event. Workshop topics ranged from a talk and recipe demo with influencer and cookbook author Danielle Walker to a session on daily mind and body practices from lifestyle blogger Jordan Younger to a parent-child workshop about helping families eat more fruits and veggies. The pop-up ultimately generated several hundred million media impressions across social and digital.

“We had this beautiful, engaging space, and it was the perfect place to bring in people who are more interested in having hands-on tutorials on healthy eating, mindful practices, entertaining and more,” says Stingelin. “It served as a bridge between the purely digital connections and created tangible shared experiences that were memorable and sticky.” Agency: Hidden Rhythm, San Francisco.



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