With its Sights Set on Aging Millennials, Prudential Activates Educational Experiences at SXSW – Event Marketer

With its Sights Set on Aging Millennials, Prudential Activates Educational Experiences at SXSW – Event Marketer
Millennials Help Bring a Prudential Study to Life at SXSW

With its Sights Set on Aging Millennials, Prudential Activates Educational Experiences at SXSW

It’s no secret that millennials aren’t getting any younger, so to help them envision their financial future, Prudential Financial set up shop at one of the demographic’s most beloved events: SXSW. There, the brand brought its latest white paper, “The 80-Year-Old Millennial,” to life through interactive engagements; co-hosted a networking lounge; and co-produced a panel discussion aimed at helping consumers visualize what work, technology, health and money will look like in the decades to come.

Helping to spread Prudential’s messaging was a partnership with the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of successful young business owners. Together, the organizations developed the YEC Founders Lounge, a public space for media, YEC members and YEC prospects to rest, recharge, connect with YEC mentors, set up one-on-one meetings with fellow entrepreneurs and learn more about preparing for their future.

Prudential and the YEC additionally presented a futurist panel featuring experts from both organizations. Panelists discussed key content from the white paper—which focuses on millennials’ feelings about workplace trends, economic opportunity, technological advances and maintaining good health—and how incumbents and startups can partner to solve millennials’ “financial wellness needs.”

The panel event also included interactive engagements designed to bring the white paper to life, like an on-site 3D printing experience. After completing a related digital aptitude test to determine their persona (i.e, Futurist, Trailblazer, Technocrat) attendees were invited to create a 3D-printed object representing that persona. The object then provided participants with more access to panelists, exclusive gifts and signature cocktails.

“In order for people to impact their future, they need to envision it first,” says Niharika Shah, vp and head of brand marketing and advertising at Prudential Financial. “Research has shown us that we all—not just millennials—have difficulty seeing more than 10 years in the future. Creating an experience enabled us to spark that thought in the minds of millennials in a much more impactful way than simply handing them the results of our study. And what better place to do this than at one of the most well known interactive media festivals?” Agency: MediaMonks, Hilversum, Netherlands (activation).


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