Q&A: Amazon Fire TV Talks Comic-Con, Content and Humanizing its Brand – Event Marketer

Q&A: Amazon Fire TV Talks Comic-Con, Content and Humanizing its Brand – Event Marketer
Q&A: Amazon Fire TV Talks Comic-Con, Content and Humanizing its Brand

Q&A: Amazon Fire TV Talks Comic-Con, Content and Humanizing its Brand

Entertainment enthusiasts abound at Comic-Con, a fact not lost on Amazon Fire TV, which brought its Fast Forward to the Future activation to the San Diego event to drive hands-on trial and purchase intent for its Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Edition devices. Taking up a vast footprint on 7th Ave., the brand employed a neighborhood theme with street signs and vignettes that featured playful photo ops, demos and streamed content from partners like HBO and NBC.

After exploring the vignettes, attendees were led to a Stress-Free Streaming zone where the Fire TV experience came to life in a series of lounges inspired by, and streaming, popular TV programs like “Game of Thrones.” Consumers could grab a mocktail, throw on a pair of futuristic headsets and check out each program in a silent disco-style experience.

It was a mammoth affair with many moving parts so we caught up with Erika Takeuchi, global brand & advertising manager at Amazon Fire TV, for a deeper dive into the program. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation.

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Event Marketer: What was the key marketing goal behind Amazon Fire TV’s Comic-Con presence?

Erika Takeuchi: 2018 has been an incredible year so far for Fire TV, and we wanted to share our passion for entertainment by creating a unique experience where customers could try out new devices like Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Edition for themselves. Comic-Con seemed like the perfect opportunity to showcase our vision for the future of entertainment.


EM: Tell us about the activation’s neighborhood theme and how it tied into your goal.

ET: We were looking to create an experience that emphasized the intersection of great hardware and great content, and how the two can work together to create a truly magical experience for viewers… Fast Forward to the Future gave customers a quick trip down memory lane with displays that featured cult-classics and old entertainment technology, while simultaneously providing a glimpse of what we think the future of entertainment will look like with Fire TV Cube at the forefront.


EM: What were the activation’s main touchpoints?

ET: There were a number of key moments within the experience that we saw resonate with fans, from a chance to take a picture seated on the Iron Throne to customers getting to test drive the entire Fire TV family. We were really excited about the Fire TV Cube activation because the device just launched in June, and this was the first chance many customers had to experience the device for themselves… We see tremendous value in having all our products on display for customers to try, so they can figure out what is best for them.


EM: Did you have a specific target in mind?

ET: We feel that Comic-Con is a natural place for Fire TV and our content partners… We wanted to not only drive buzz and awareness at Comic-Con, but to reach those entertainment enthusiasts who were unable to attend using other channels including social, on-device content and traditional media.


EM: Was social media a key part of the program?

ET: Yes, it was an important part of the experience. We utilized social media to help amplify our event with fans and Comic-Con attendees before, during and after the event. We built an interview studio into our activation [space] so we could share interviews with the casts of “Archer,” “The Good Place” and others with fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as customers streaming Fire TV at home.


EM: Why are live events part of your broader marketing strategy?

ET: We are always looking for unique opportunities to bring the Fire TV brand to life, celebrate key entertainment and cultural moments, and share them with customers both online and offline. Comic-Con was the perfect example of an event that allowed us to connect with a new audience, drive purchase intent for Fire TV and build an authentic experience that humanized the Fire TV brand.


Inside Amazon Fire TV’s Fast Forward to the Future Experience:

Photo courtesy: NVE Experience Agency

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