How to Prep for the New Year Like a Dream Teamer – Event Marketer

How to Prep for the New Year Like a Dream Teamer – Event Marketer
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How to Prep for the New Year Like a Dream Teamer

We’re building our new B-to-B Dream Team—now accepting nominations for our fifth annual recognition program focused on b-to-b event marketers

As 2020 approaches, we’re going back to the future to ramp up for our fifth annual B-to-B Dream Team initiative, gleaning insights and inspiration from our 2019 roster to prepare for the year ahead. Last year’s crop of event architects, which hailed from all corners of the b-to-b landscape, offered expert perspectives on building career paths, engaging new generations of attendees and where the industry is headed. To get your creative juices flowing in anticipation of a brand-new decade, we singled out their most thought-provoking soundbites. Here’s what they had to say. (And don’t forget to nominate a colleague or yourself for the 2020 B-to-B Dream Team, slated to be announced in March.)

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“We go beyond traditional showcases and demonstrations and produce exhibits and speaking engagements on topics around ethics in artificial intelligence and how technology is enabling advancements to fight climate change and how our products are designed to be more inclusive and accessible. We talk about diversity and inclusion. Those messages and initiatives are not only very important to the company, but we find they’re also very important and resonate better with our audiences than going in and talking simply about tech solutions.”

-Emmanuel Gotsis, director-global third party events, Microsoft



“We knew when we started out that we didn’t want this to feel like a trade show. I attribute the success of that program to treating our sponsorships as partnerships. We raised over $1 million in sponsorships for Universe last year, and that’s more than double what we saw the previous year.”

-Kelsey Schimmelman, senior event producer, GitHub



“With the non-traditional events, it’s about thinking minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, what’s the experience, what are the interactions, what do I do as a user, how do I flow through the space—not just where I sit and watch a presentation. If you give the audience something that lets them do their jobs better, they love it, and they value it, and they become loyal.”

-Ojas Rege, chief strategy officer, MobileIron (now, chief product officer, One Concern)



“It’s about bringing cohesion and that thread through everything we’re doing from a programming perspective to the very first email at the beginning of an attendee journey, and developing a framework for how we’re going to make decisions—and then, bringing together internal events teams and stakeholders to advocate for our audience.”

-Courtney Hutchison, director-experiential marketing, Zillow



“Historically, we may have talked to the cto or cio, but what we’re seeing now is that we might have somebody out of marketing, or human resources, or freight management—virtually, anyone from any organization’s department may be an influencer, or may be a decision-maker—so we have to be prepared to speak their language when introducing them to our industry-specific solutions.”

-John Heiman, director-experiential marketing, Sprint



“What has been intriguing for us is how often we have to say, ‘OK, the way we’re structuring a conference or this content seems to be working but with a little bit of a diminishing return,’ so we are rethinking the applied paradigms to shake things up.”

-Andrew Rossi, business lead-Google events and experiences, Google
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