More from the Dream Team Archive: Five B2B Best Practices

More from the Dream Team Archive: Best Practices from B-to-B Event Marketers – Event Marketer
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More from the Dream Team Archive: Best Practices from B-to-B Event Marketers

The 2020 B-to-B Dream Team call for nominations is underway through Jan. 23

B-to-b event marketers have a set number of opportunities annually to make their mark. And with many moving pieces and parties to please across the meetings, conferences and exhibit space, being innovative is often easier said than done. In preparation for our 2020 B-to-B Dream Team program (nominate yourself or a colleague today—we announce the next team this March), we combed through five years of Dream Team honoree profiles for insights on audience expectations, content, diversity and more. Follows are ideas for thinking creatively, and keeping pace, in the b-to-b space.

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Exhibitor expectations:

Show organizers “need to become better partners, whether that is offering educational sessions or ways to integrate [a brand] with the entire show. They need to think more holistically about the entire show floor, not just the big clients, because the overall environment is what makes the attendee come.”

–Juliana Yoon, marketing manager-trade show customer acquisition, American Express (now, strategy director at Freeman) (2016)

Attendee expectations:

“We were the first to incorporate gender-neutral bathrooms in all of our programs, and offer personalized pronouns. It’s very important for us as a company and this ties back to our values of everyone who is part of Salesforce is welcome and feels part of Ohana, and you can be your authentic self with Salesforce.”

–Karin Flores, vp-corporate marketing, strategic events, Salesforce (2019)  

Increasing visibility:

“If we’re going to be at an event, we’re going to have a presence. We want to espouse a point of view, look for thought leadership opportunities and be able to identify leads that materialize into sales opportunities.”

–Trevor Laurence, assistant vp-marketing, AT&T (2018)

Engagement strategy:

“It’s not about sales, it’s about making friendships and having people come in and offering them a cup of coffee or a snack and developing a relationship with them. You want them to leave with a memory of your space and the amazing time.”

–Victoria Lieffring, associate creative director-visual display, Kohler (2017)

Providing access:

“We often talk today about what’s internal is external and these events are a good example. We know our most passionate end-customers are interested in what’s going on in real time. We’re figuring out the right level of access, through what means, who gets it and how to measure the impact. It’s exciting.”

–Sean Zielinski, communications director, Harley-Davidson (2017)


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