Inside Glade's Multisensory Pop-Up In New York City

Inside Glade’s Multisensory Pop-up in New York City – Event Marketer
Photo Tour: Inside Glade’s Multisensory Pop-up in New York City

Inside Glade’s Multisensory Pop-up in New York City

How Glade got consumers to interpret the brand for themselves with a mysterious gallery experience


To drive sales of candles and give the brand an off-the-supermarket-shelf presence, Glade hosted a pop-up in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan that offered consumers a multisensory pop-up experience. The space featured five unique experience rooms inspired by Glade fragrances.

Messaging throughout the pop-up asked, “What Will You Feel?” Each of the environments invited attendees to interpret the brand for themselves. For example, the “Energized” room (inspired by the Red Honeysuckle Nectar scent) offered an unexpectedly masculine twist with an Oculus Rift-based thrill ride.

The rooms featured an unmanned photo activation driven by a scan-able card, with a countdown monitor above the mounted camera. Throughout the experience, guests were invited to share photos with the hashtag #FeelGlade. Agency: Geometry Global, Chicago.


Step Inside the Multisensory Pop-Up:

*This article was originally published in 2015 and is updated periodically

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