B-to-B Event Insight: Millennials Are Social Business Travelers

Millennials are Social Business Travelers

An Insight for Your Next B-to-B Event: Millennials Are Social Business Travelers

Millennials enjoy traveling with colleagues, are “more sociable” than older business travelers, they enjoy connecting with family and friends while they’re traveling and they’re the most security-conscious generation traveling today, according to new research in the Connected Traveler Study released by Carlson Wagonlit Travel. The study results offer event marketers insights for making millennial b-to-b event attendees’ entire event experience more connected. Think: Skype lounges, colleague meetup spaces and plus-one invitations.

The study, based on a multi-generational survey of more than 1,900 travelers from 16 countries, found that 58 percent of millennials travel with others, 43 percent travel with colleagues and 15 percent with friends or family. “In stark contrast,” the study found, 71 percent of baby boomers reported they travel alone. “Sometimes” they travel with colleagues (23 percent reported) and only six percent reported they bring friends or family along.

The study also found that millennials are the most security-conscious generation and “concerned about their personal safety while traveling.” Twenty-nine percent of millennials said they have canceled a trip over security concerns, compared to 20 percent of Gen Xers and 12 percent of baby boomers. Almost half (49 percent) of millennials buy trip insurance, compared to 36 percent of Gen Xers and 31 percent of baby boomers.

Millennials like to stay in contact with friends and family while traveling, with 45 percent reporting they making contact with them more than once a day. This is in contrast to 38 percent of Gen Xers and 29 percent of baby boomers. Millennials also connect more with clients while traveling (55 percent) than Gen X (44 percent) and boomers (35 percent)—and with co-workers (41 percent), versus Gen X (28 percent) and baby boomers (19 percent).

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