How Truly Hard Seltzer is Leveraging Toronto’s Summer-long Market to Drive Trial and Awareness

TrulyTO_Union Summer 2022_vertical of bar

Truly’s sculptures are designed to make attendees a part of the installations.

Winters in Canada are not for the faint of heart, so it’s no surprise that Canadians cherish the summer months. With that insight in mind, Truly Hard Seltzer signed on as a sponsor of Union Summer, a free annual market in downtown Toronto featuring top food vendors, musicians, film screenings and other live performances from June 27 through Aug. 28. Having launched in Ontario earlier this year, Truly is leveraging the summer-long event to drive local awareness and trial while delivering on it brand purpose of “inspiring joyful discovery.” To make it happen, the company built Truly TO, a colorful branded bar and lounge area surrounded by artistic installations that morph over time.

Campaign messaging is geared around having “A Truly Perfect Day,” and the on-site experience leans on that uniquely Canadian sentiment that when summer shows up, every moment is “perfect,” regardless of the weather or time of day. To that end, Truly’s footprint, and the structures within it, were created using a mix of techniques and materials, including dichroic film, mirrored acrylic, and nature-inspired die cuts, all built to reflect vibrant colors that constantly evolve with the weather and time. The space and the installations react to sun, rain, wind, light, and temperature. What’s more, consumers become a part of the experience as colors emitted from the reflections of light are cast on them, as well as their surroundings.

nutrl-graduation-2022-marching-band-teaserMore Sampling Strategies:

Other experience design elements include a colorful abstract flower pattern woven throughout the space, floral-themed accents and an oversized can of Truly, tipped on its side. Over the course of Union Summer, the brand will unveil eight exclusive Truly Hard Seltzer flavors as it works to enhance the attendee experience across the event’s array of programming.

“Knowing that this is open to the public every single day of the summer, our role and our strategy is to create space for guests to sit back, enjoy a Truly and take it all in,” says Jess Boland, marketing director-partner brands at Moosehead Breweries. “Canadians are happy to be back out and experiencing creativity and culture. So first and foremost, it’s making sure that our brand is there to host and welcome them and inspire that creativity and that joy. But it also is a great vehicle for driving trial. In our industry, liquid on lips is very key, especially within the competitive hard seltzer market, and so we want to introduce people to the brand and show that we really do win on flavor.” Agency: Momentum Worldwide.

Step Inside Truly TO:

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