The 2024 It List: Recognizing the Top 100 Event Agencies

The experiential agency map is getting redrawn by newcomers, idea-centric boutiques and strategy-led shops


The agency landscape is changing. Like never before.

As always, clients are driving the changes. For one, a surge in post-pandemic experiential activity has finally reignited industry spending and ROI as brands fully re-lean into live events to connect with critical audiences—and the agency community  is swelling as it chases their dollars. Two, after (as much as) a quarter of the industry workforce left for other sectors between 2020 and 2023, an influx of new marketers on the client side are taking the reins at event departments and, in an effort to make things their own, are exploring new agencies. And three, clients that cancelled events in 2020 and 2021 and were tied to making up those cancellations to their agencies are breaking free from COVID make-goods and testing new partners.

At the same time, many of the most recognizable event agencies are noticing that they have company. Experiential agencies launched in the wake of COVID—many by industry veterans who took time off during the pandemic—are quick, nimble and growing fast. Creative-driven event shops are getting huge play in the run-up to 2025 as client hearts (and wallets) refocus on big ideas. Meanwhile, strategy-centric partners are sinking their teeth into client portfolios back on the rise, while agencies that once had only one toe in experiential waters smell the budgetary client chum and have solidified into more event-heavy partners.

What does it mean? That there are now more capable experiential agencies than ever before. Which is why this year’s It List represents the most applications our editors have ever received. The Top 100 Event Agency roster you are about to pore through represents no less than a clear and present shake-up of the partner landscape as the agencies that evolve take the lead and the ones that don’t fall behind—and, in many cases, off the It List.

As we always have for 22 years, we present this Top 100 Event Agency list to you as a “starting point” for you to use for agency research, partner outreach and an understanding of what’s what… and who does what. Congratulations to the best 100 event agencies out there… this year’s It List.



This story appeared in the Summer 2024 issue

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