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Dodge Promos New Vehicles At Family Events

Dodge is hitting the highway for its Grab Life tour which is making stops at large fairs festivals and other family-oriented events to create buzz for its Journey crossover vehicle and other Dodge vehicles. Dodge kicked off the interactive tour this month at the Memphis in May’s World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.

“The idea is to get consumers into our vehicles and experience them on a track setting ” Laura Sullivan Dodge event manager told Buzz. “We want to increase awareness about the Dodge brand showcase our launch vehicles generate leads and increase our sales opportunities through data capture as well as immerse customers in our brand through our lifestyle events.”

At each location Dodge is giving consumers a chance to get behind the wheel and test drive the Journey (or the vehicle being promoted at that event) on tracks that put them in real world situations. Depending on how much room is allowed Dodge at each location the tracks can include a slalom test ABS brake zone speed bump pothole performance and handling attributes. The Dodge Ram and Dakota pickup trucks will be put through paces on a special track that will include water fording and hill climbing.

In addition to the test drives visitors can hang out at a trailer where they can learn all about the full-line of Dodge products. They will be greeted by a product specialist have a chance to play a Dodge trivia game and win prizes. They can also visit the Sirius Listening Station (Sirius is offered in Dodge vehicles) play video games surf the web for more information about Dodge and check out other products on display on site (including the 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Dodge Caliber SRT4 and the Dodge Grand Caravan). Consumers can also have their picture taken via a green screen backdrop of NASCAR drivers or the 2009 Challenger. Used for data collection the photo is retrievable online after the consumer answers a few questions.

To create buzz about the test drives Dodge sends out street teams a few days before events at each local market. The street teams wearing branded shirts and hats drive around in a wrapped Dodge vehicle (whichever one is being promoted in that market) to sign up folks for the free test drive. They also hand out Dodge-branded goodies. Agency: The Marketing Arm Dallas.


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