Schick Targets Bald Guys, Invites Them into an Exclusive ‘BIP’ Community – Event Marketer

Schick Targets Bald Guys, Invites Them into an Exclusive ‘BIP’ Community – Event Marketer

Schick Targets Bald Guys, Invites Them into an Exclusive ‘BIP’ Community


Influencer appearances abounded at Schick’s Baldest Party Ever.

With its fully flexible blades, Schick’s Xtreme razor brand, since its launch in the 2000s, has centered its advertising on head-shaving as the ultimate “torture test” to prove its attributes—the fact that the blades respond to and adapt to contours around the face and head. To modernize that messaging and form a community for its consumers with bald heads, Schick Xtreme created Bald Important People, a new campaign launched during New York Fashion Week with an exclusive event for the brand’s “BIPs.” (See what they did there?)

To develop the program, Schick turned to research that shows two-thirds of American men will experience hair loss by the time they’re 35. At the same time, personal care brands continue to push products to “save” hair, thereby, “selling guys on a stigma,” according to Schick. The brand tapped into online communities, from Instagram to Reddit, featuring conversations between men (and a few women) who want to take the plunge and shave their heads, but who need an extra push and advice from other men with experience.

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“It’s something we thought we had full ownership rights to exploit and take on as our own personalized brand challenge and mantra,” says Nicole Cizynski, senior brand manager at Edgewell Personal Care. “We wanted to build more of that sense of community and bring to life the brand purpose around pushing guys to live at the end of their comfort zones, so we thought that this was a nice way to do that that also links back to our product benefits.”

The Bald Important People campaign kicked off with the launch of the microsite on Aug. 26. Schick worked with influencers to help spread the word about this new platform and tell their own personal stories about what sparked them to go bald. The microsite features a gate that requires access to your device’s video monitor to have your image scanned with Bald Recognition Technology. If the scan detects hair, the user can’t enter the BIP Club on the site. (But, everyone does get a coupon code for trying, hair or not.) For the men that pass the test, they become part of an online community and have access to products, like the Xtreme3 Sensitive Disposable Razor and the Xtreme3 Pivot Ball Disposable Razor, designed for bald heads.

BIP members who joined between Aug. 26 and Sept. 4 were entered into a contest to win an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City for The Baldest Party Ever during New York Fashion Week. Held on Sept. 13, the “BIP” launch event (where a bald head was your ticket to get in) featured head-shaving stations for spontaneous moments, food and beverage, and influencer appearances by Netflix series “Styling Hollywood” stars Adair Curtis and Jason Bolden, as well as American professional mixed martial artist and professional wrestler Cain Velasquez. Schick will continue the campaign into 2020, integrating larger activations into the program as well as giveaways. Agency: Edelman (campaign strategy, event production).



A a hot pepper-eating challenge was featured at the New York Fashion Week event.

Photo courtesy: Diane Bondareff/AP Images for Schick

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