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Anniversary Wienermobile Serves up Franks in 12 Cities

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, the brand has added a special edition 30-foot-long food truck to its fleet of seven Wienermobiles. The brand unveiled the new truck in Times Square on May 25 and will be traveling this summer to 12 cities to feed families its newest offering of Oscar Mayer Selects franks. During the NYC launch the franks were topped with special ingredients prepared by celebrity Chef Tyler Florence, the host of Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race,” which captures the country’s current craving for food trucks.

“The Wienermobile might be considered the original food truck, but the clever combination of the world-famous Wienermobile with the modern food truck seems like the perfect evolution for a hot dog on wheels,” Beth Goeddel, director of marketing at Oscar Mayer, told Buzz. “Our brand is always looking for reasons to encourage consumers to take photos with the Wienermobile vehicle. And, with so much buzz about food trucks in the social media space, we expect that consumers will be eager to take and share photos of our new food truck.”
The brand is encouraging people to take and share their photos with the Wienermobile on its Facebook/OscarMayer page where it selects one photo to spotlight as the “Select Fan Of The Week” each week. Also part of the tour, Oscar Mayer and Tyler Florence are donating $50,000 to Feeding America, as part of the brand’s Oscar Mayer Good Mood Mission. Agency: Pierce, Portland, ME; Build: Turtle Transit, Lancaster, MA.

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