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Field Report: How Brands at VidCon 2024 Captured the Spirit of Online Communities

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Thousands of digital content creators and fans attended VidCon 2024 in Anaheim, CA. (Credit: VidCon)

While content creators and their fans live in a digital space, VidCon brings them offline and into an IRL location for four days of in-person engagement and connection. The digital content community descended upon Anaheim, CA, June 26-29, for the 13th annual VidCon, a celebration of all things online video.

What started as a YouTuber-centric convention in 2010 has expanded over the years to include all kinds of content creators, from TikTokers to OG Instagram influencers to gamers and streamers. The event boasts three content tracks: Community, Creator and Industry, allowing attendees to find the right avenue to mix, mingle and share ideas. In addition to panels and sessions, the expo hall features brands looking to reach this enthusiastic, mixed millennial/Gen Z audience.

There was a feeling of fewer big brands on the show floor this year, and certainly less happening in the outdoor festival space than what fans have grown accustomed to in the past, as the event continues its post-pandemic rebuilding (similar to other fan cons). However, the community spirit and devoted fan energy remained high and strongly permeated every corner of the show. Below we round up eight of our favorite experiences found around the Anaheim Convention Center.

Meta's Instagram Creator Lounge full of whimsical props like a swan boat and arcadeFROM THE VIDCON ARCHIVES:


By far the busiest booth at VidCon 2024 was the MeeMeows carnival booth. Created by YouTuber Aphmau, the MeeMeows exhibit gave fans the chance to win her brand’s adorable cat merch. Fans could play the classic “Skee-Ball” boardwalk game or wait their turn to pull the handle on a giant slot machine to win plush prizes, and we mean wait. Participants stood in the longest line at the con for three hours or longer to get their hands on a guaranteed plush, and the replay value on “Skee-ball” was evidenced by fans walking around the show floor with multiple plush in various sizes. The space also hosted merch windows, carnival food and a photo space where lucky fans could have a chance to meet members of the Aphmau team.

VidCon 2024 MeeMeows


As part of the relaunch of the beloved “Descendants” movie franchise, Disney transported attendees into the world of Auradon in a walk-through booth experience for the upcoming “Descendants: The Rise of Red” film, coming to Disney+ next week. The inside space included a mirrored infinity room that smelled and looked like a rose maze and a black-light room featuring the halls of Auradon Prep covered in graffiti, presumably from Red, daughter of the Queen of Hearts, as featured in the film’s teaser trailer. After passing through the rooms, attendees could sit on a throne for their own Glambot-style photo. While everyone walked away with merch, early birds were treated to special dolls or even vinyl cast recordings. (Agency: Mirrored Media)

Photo credit: Mirrored Media


Minecraft invited gamers and streamers into its booth to begin the brand’s 15th birthday celebration. A massive photo activation had attendees posing with props and creepers with birthday cakes before walking away with fun swag. Highlights for attendees were surprise appearances from Minecraft creator celebs who popped in for meet-and-greets over the course of the weekend, including Aphmau and TommyInnit. (Agency: Untitled Future)


State Farm’s booth was a gamer’s paradise. Multiple arcade consoles brought in congoers to play Jake’s Jingle Quest and see if they could top the leaderboard. Participants walked away with a mystery pin, and many fans kept trying to score them all, including the rare gold Jake from State Farm pin. Attendees could scan a QR code to keep playing Jake’s Jingle Quest at home, but serious gamers could be spotted in line practicing so they could go for the high score inside the booth. We got the third highest score of the day on our console, though surely that record was defeated later on… (Agency: Infinity Marketing Team)


The biggest footprint on the expo hall floor went to Mars, whose experience took attendees in groups of about eight to 10 on a journey of candy experiences. The outside of the booth was called the “Sweet Co. Wash ‘n’ Fold,” though once participants chose their entrance through Twix-themed washers and dryers (one for chocolate and one for cookie), the laundromat theme went by the wayside. What followed was a 20-minute journey through the candies of Mars, including playing 5 Gum laser tag, exploring a Starburst garden, planting Skittles trees, creating sand art with Orbit gum, engaging with a fun Snickers mini game, grooving at an M&M’s dance party and sharing their “extra” at the final Extra gum room. Of course, attendees were treated to candy samples in every room along the way, and ribbons from the dance party could be seen hanging out of fans’ bags all weekend.


A Fanta truck joined food trucks in the outdoor festival space to ask congoers if they “Wanta Fanta”? The truck handed out Fanta-themed drinks and ice cream while a dj kept the vibe up. Fans could also try their hand at a giant game of “Fanta Pong.”

VidCon 2024 Wanta Fanta truck


Attendees with Creator and Industry passes had exclusive access to lounges located off of the show floor in spaces designed just for them. In the YouTube Creator Stadium, creators unleashed their creativity through fun challenges while learning how to create champion content. Central to the arena was a lounge space surrounded by different zones including Training Camp, the Skybox Suite and more. YouTube experts were on hand at Training Camp to discuss creators’ channels and provide tips on how to grow their audiences and better use the available tools.

A locker room area focused on how top YouTubers are using the partner program to further monetize their channels, and a quick makeup consult from Fenty encouraged attendees to “Get Your Game Face On.” A “Take Your Victory Shot” video activation put participants in the winner’s circle with stadium lighting, a podium and gold medals in content creation. Finally, attendees could create their own custom engraved tumbler to take home and rep their channel. (Agency: MAS)


TikTok Destination: Creation invited creators to a hub of connection to reach their next achievement on TikTok. After taking a quick survey on their experience with the social media platform, attendees were then handed wings and a passport to enter the lounge, decked out to look like a way more fun version of the airport. Creators could visit stations and talk to experts on getting started with TikTok, monetization with TikTok Shop and creativity tools like TikTok One. CapCut, the popular short-form video editing app, was also integrated into the space, allowing attendees to meet with representatives face-to-face. (Agency: Mirrored Media)

Photo credit: TikTok

Featured image credit: VidCon

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