Pop TV’s ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Has its Moment in the Immersive Pop-up Space – Event Marketer

Pop TV’s ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Has its Moment in the Immersive Pop-up Space – Event Marketer

Pop TV’s ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Has its Moment in the Immersive Pop-up Space

Pop TV’s “Schitt’s Creek” is set in the middle of nowhere, but for three straight days in Los Angeles (Nov. 22-24) and in New York City (Dec. 13-14), the fictional town where an unlucky, formerly wealthy family sets up shop came to life for the series’ biggest fans. Joining the ranks of pop-culture mega-properties building immersive experiences for their fans, “Schitt’s Creek” creators Daniel and Eugene Levy and the network conceived PopTV Presents Visit Schitt’s Creek.

friends-25-popup-teaserMore on Engaging Superfans:

In Los Angeles at Goya Studios and in New York City at Metropolitan Pavilion, the 7,000-square-foot spaces opened to the public for free reservations from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. over the course of three days. Reservations promptly sold out in less than five minutes on both coasts, crashing the 26 Google servers leveraged to manage the traffic. More than 40,000 visitors tried to get tickets in less than an hour on the live ticketing date. (Folks, these are what you call superfans.)




Between the two cities, there were six live days as well as press events for a total of 6,000 attendees. There were 13 moments from the seasons of the show recreated in sets and experiences, and 500 props and set decorations that offered all the sorts of Easter eggs superfans appreciate most—like business cards and travel brochures to discover in the nooks and crannies. Indeed, an immersive pop-up for superfans is all about the details.

The fabricator on all but five props in the space had to rely on photography and episodes to recreate 95-percent of the details by hand—including hang painting murals. And the space was so believable for superfans that one couple, inspired by the love story that transpires between two characters over the course of the seasons, got engaged in front of the Rose Apothecary experience. Dav-id! Agency and Build: AKJOHNSTON.


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