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Exhibit Design: Intel Merges AI and Live Music at AWS re:Invent

Intel orchestrated unexpected moments of joy while showcasing the company’s deep tech expertise by tapping into the power of music and AI image animation in its booth at AWS re:Invent, Nov. 27-Dec. 1 in Las Vegas. Dubbed Intel Park, the exhibit was anchored by Intel’s Tree of Innovation, which presented customer stories on its leaves and hosted a “Music in the Park” experience under its color-changing canopy.

The brand’s five-note identity logo, ubiquitous since its debut in 1995, took on a new life with an arrangement composed by violinist Rahmaan Phillip that he debuted against the backdrop of an AI-generated animation on the screen that was the core of the tree in an improvisation concert between an artist and AI, leveraging the brand’s Intel Arc graphics processing units.

mastercard-booth-attendee-2-money-20-20-2023_teaserExhibit Design Trends:

The AI visualization—abstract images with a nature theme—was reactive to the music and cross-mixed with Synesthesia music visualization software, with generation and rendering done on the same Intel Arc graphics processing unit. Each visualization was based on a new nature-related prompt, creating a unique and flowing experience.

“I’m a believer in always bringing something unexpected, a little bit of joy,” says Victor Torregroza, events and experiences manager at Intel. During performances, the audience of engineers, developers and IT pros gathered around the tree with their devices out before “peeking under the hood” to learn about the hardware on hand.


The inspiration for Intel Park came from Central Park in New York City, Torregroza says, where nature and spontaneous music performances are part of the experience. The design incorporated the brand-approved green color palette for grass, while the brand’s signature squares represented a cobblestone path. Two digital waterfalls flanked the exhibit on both sides. Booth staff wore vests to further inspire the park theme.

The message of sustainable computing for a sustainable future resonated throughout the exhibit, with hands-on demos exploring AI, software and hardware solutions. Meanwhile, a sweepstakes to win product was conducted via a secret eye-in-the-sky in the tree canopy—a camera placed in the trust was positioned on visitors’ faces underneath and around the tree; it would then “sweep” the crowd and land on a winner’s face, zooming in to fill the screen. The giveaways, too, blended high-tech and nature and included bee pins, bee-friendly wildflower seed packets as well as the Intel Arc graphics cards and Evo laptops.

Looking at the changing trade show landscape, Torregroza noted that some exhibitors are starting to take risks to stand out in the “sea of sameness.” With Barbie, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce injecting new life in face-to-face events and experiences, he urges brands to up their game.

“The time is right for innovation,” he says. “It doesn’t have to be expensive but do something bold that will be memorable.” Agency: The Taylor Group.

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