EMS 2018: What You Missed On Day Three – Event Marketer

EMS 2018: What You Missed On Day Three – Event Marketer
Experiential Marketing Summit 2018

EMS 2018: What You Missed On Day Three

Experiential Marketing Summit 2018

Uber introduced attendees to touchpoints from its mobile dining activation that targeted power users, tied to the new Uber Visa card.

You know how we do it at EMS… we finish strong.

Day three of EMS at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco was jam-packed as ever with experiential insights, including fireside chats from Dell and EA Sports, two master classes, speed briefings and 28 total sessions, all wrapped with a closing general session on industry trends—enjoyed with a cold beer, as per usual.

Killer content kicked off at 9 a.m. with the aforementioned fireside chats as well as an Uber chat about engaging its “power users,” a Lowe’s millennial case study, and esports insights from EA Sports, among others. The morning’s 10 a.m. slot included Amazon’s Gen Z and Gen Alpha strategies, Cadillac’s vehicle subscription service and a master class on digital storytelling with President Obama’s first official White House videographer, Arun Chaudhary, to name a few sessions.

Next up at 11:30 a.m. were speed briefings on partner solutions, followed by a networking lunch at 12:15 p.m. featuring sandwiches, sides, salads and cupcakes. At 1:30 p.m. it was time for more learning, from Refinery29’s tour of its visionary 29Rooms program (complete with a multisensory meditation moment) to Visa’s educational, virtual reality experiences to our second master class with TrackMaven ceo Allen Gannett on the principles held by creative geniuses.

Attendees powered through more afternoon sessions, from The Economist’s “discomforting” strategy to guerrilla activations with Jack Link’s, until it was time for an all-new Trendwatch with Event Marketer cofounder Dan Hanover. Did we mention there was beer? Cheers!

And that’s a wrap, folks. We can’t wait to do it all over again with you next year when EMS heads to Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, in 2019.

We leave you with insights from EMS’s final day.




“This isn’t so much about putting a car in people’s hands and allowing them to drive—it’s about bringing the joy and freedom of car ownership back.”

—Melody Lee, Global Director-BOOK by Cadillac, General Motors


“The focus on players is the interesting thing and interesting opportunity, and as we start to uncover what the magic of esports is, it’s very, very clear… these player storylines drive the engagement and that’s what brands want.”

—Brent Koning, Commissioner, EA Sports FIFA Competitive Gaming


“Brands are verbs and not nouns, and how they act in the world is important.” “The audience drives, controls and inspires the activation.” “Technology is best when you hide the technology or combine it with analog. People are really looking to disconnect from their phones and spend time in the real world.”

—Albie Hueston, Creative Director, Refinery29; Cofounder, 29Rooms


On engaging power users: “We look deeper into what the [influencer] conversations are. We’re looking for high quality engagements. We look at how the influencers and their audiences are interacting around these events. And we found that it’s very successful in terms of positivity.”

—Heidi Vance, Global Campaigns Manager, Uber


“When I interviewed creatives I found the same patterns over and over again… I found one of the biggest contributors to their success was a huge amount of [content] consumption… This is what gave them their ‘a-ha’ moments.”

—Allen Gannett, CEO, TrackMaven


“The more you see something, the more you like it. This is called the Mere Exposure Effect. It’s been replicated over and over again. It’s this idea that by merely seeing something, the more we like it… We have this craving for things that are familiar because our brain is constantly trying to assess risk… So, as marketers how do you create experiences that are familiar? If you want to create things that are familiar you have to experience what your audience has experienced and consumption is one of the keys to familiarity.”

—Allen Gannett, CEO, TrackMaven


“How do we engage the community more proactively and give them the skills? It’s really about return on purpose. This is where experiential marketing can play a powerful role.”

—Mike Mitchell, Director-Trade Skills, Lowe’s Home Improvement


“When you are explaining you are losing.” “Gritty is the new glossy.”

—Arun Chaudhary, Partner, Revolution Messaging


“It’s great to hit the people within the four walls, but there are so many more people beyond that. It’s important for us to be digital-first.”

—Kristen Braun, Brand Manager, Mondelez International


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