B-to-B Dream Team: Where Event Marketers Find Inspiration

B-to-B Dream Team: Where Top-Notch Event Marketers Find Inspiration – Event Marketer
Q1 Huddle: Inspiring Insights from the 2018 Dream Team

B-to-B Dream Team: Where Top-Notch Event Marketers Find Inspiration

Event Marketer’s Dream Team roster this year of b-to-b event marketing gurus have activated some of the industry’s most impactful conferences and corporate events, some of them for thousands of attendees, others for a select few. Pulling off any event of consequence requires organizational skills, teamwork and vision, but perhaps most of all, inspiration. Here, our Dream Team (we’ll be revealing who made this year’s list shortly) shares where they find that creative spark that energizes them and leads to memorable events. Hopefully, they will lead to new sources of inspiration for you, too.

*Update: Check out this year’s Dream Team

1. Twitter

“I’m on it constantly, and really love the immediate, active dialogue and conversation that it offers. Plus, it’s really fun to connect and see what other brands are doing. I’m currently obsessed with the Merriam-Webster Twitter feed right now because it has such an amazing editorial point of view plus great words of the day. It’s a must-look every day.


2. Art and design websites

“Domino has a great platform, and there’s a sales website called EBTH (Everything But the House), which is all the stuff you would buy and decorate. There are fantastic designers like Emily Henderson and Kelly Wearstler that I follow.”


3. Psychology

“I fall back on two books that mean a lot to me in terms of understanding people. That is my inspiration: The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz and The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. At the end of the day, it all comes down to human interaction.  How do I want to feel?  What is my experience?  When I can combine the four agreements with their language, I can create a meaningful human interaction.”


4. Other companies

“We try to look outside of our industry for how to engage with consumers. We spent a whole day with someone from the Disney Institute discussing how Disney trains its people and how that translates into consumers walking into a marketing experience. We’ve benchmarked other companies like Club Med, Nordstrom and the Apple Store.”


5. New York Fashion Week

“I get a lot of inspiration from non-traditional events that are outside of my space, like New York Fashion Week, which is a big driver for me. I look at some of the clothing and their set design.”


6. The company history

“I love history, so it is inspiring for me to look back in the pages of our company history to see how far we’ve come, and sometimes to discover some things that haven’t changed at all. That’s just as true in companies that are five and 10 years old.”


7. Everywhere

“When I’m traveling, when I’m in my personal life, if I’m walking down the street, if I’m going to a museum, if I’m reading a magazine, at a restaurant, I’m always thinking, ‘That’s interesting, how can I use that for an event?’ I’m continually filing things into the back of my head and hoping someday I can use it.”


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