Storytelling Guides FX’s Upscale Launch Event for 'Trust'

Storytelling Guides FX’s Upscale Launch Event for 'Trust'

Storytelling Guides FX’s Upscale New York City Launch Event for ‘Trust’

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably fantasized about being filthy rich a time or two, and on March 14, we got a small taste of what life is like for the one percent. At a ritzy downtown social club in Manhattan’s Financial District, FX delivered the first in a series of launch events for “Trust,” an original series inspired by actual events that follows the trials and triumphs of the Gettys, one of America’s wealthiest families. With the promise of experiencing what it’s like to be #richaf for an evening, we secured our bow ties and prepared to step into another world.

Upon arriving at The Down Town Association, a venue established in 1859, we encountered a lush botanical installation meant to replicate an English garden and a bejeweled, taxidermy lioness before being welcomed to the cocktail hour by “our” butler and his staff. There, we sipped on themed cocktails, listened to a classical pianist and mingled with the tastemakers in attendance before being summoned by the butler (and his bell—nice touch) for dinner.


View the High Society Experience in Action:


The dining room, which featured elegant tablescapes illuminated by candle light, served as the setting for the remainder of the experience. With custom projections serving as a backdrop, we were transported to places around the globe inspired by the storyline in “Trust,” including the Swiss Alps and Rome. Each location was paired with a dinner course, including the final dish, a molten chocolate cake covered in 16k dust. Throughout the meal, our butler (who spoke in a British accent, obviously) served as storyteller, describing where we were traveling, adding quirky anecdotes along the way.

It was a lavish evening, but you don’t have to Trust us—check it out for yourself in the gallery below. Agency: BMF Media, New York City.


More Scenes From FX’s Launch Event for “Trust”:


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