How to Turn Influencer Events into Shareable Adventures – Event Marketer

How to Turn Influencer Events into Shareable Adventures – Event Marketer
Four Strategies for Turning Influencer Events into Share-Worthy Adventures

How to Turn Influencer Events into Shareable Adventures

Engaging influencers through live experiences is quickly becoming one of the smartest ways to augment a brand message, but not all influencer events are created equal. Some generate an explosion of content while others fizzle out without offering much in the way of amplification.

Here are four recent influencer event strategies that leveraged the spirit of adventure to turn well-connected attendees into virtual content factories.

1. Go Off the Grid.

Social media startup heartYN could’ve launched its online community at an upscale Los Angeles nightclub with trendy cocktails and chic décor. Instead, the brand invited 120 influencers to a more unorthodox locale —the 20,000-acre SkyRose ranch in Paso Robles, CA. There, attendees engaged in unconventional activities like ATV rides, hikes and archery, opening up a host of opportunities to share heartYN’s quirky nature.

2. Present a Challenge.

To promote its “Life Below Zero” series about life in the remote Alaskan wilderness, National Geographic Channel challenged influencers to test their ingenuity through an “Escape The Cold” engagement. The experience included three 22-foot by 12-foot insulated arctic tents connected to AC units that dropped temperatures inside by 20 to 30 degrees. Willing participants were placed in random teams of six and charged with working together to “escape” by solving puzzles within 20 minutes. The immersive experience kept influencers on their toes—and their social channels.

3. Apply a Theme—and Run With it.

Tinder last fall launched a paid subscription-based version of its dating app with an event that employed an airline theme across every last touchpoint. Replica boarding passes served as attendees’ tickets into the event, followed by a Tinder-branded TSA checkpoint entrance featuring fake metal detectors. Inside, a Hollywood airplane prop complete with “Tinder Air” branding could be found at the center of the space as brand ambassadors floated around the hangar dressed in TSA and flight attendant attire. Airport-style lounge seating and a baggage claim engagement rounded out the experience. The airline theme not only spoke to the brand’s new product, but gave influencers plenty of reasons to share the environment with their followers.

4. Supersize it.

Truck manufacturer Freightliner debuted its newest vehicle to approximately 200 influencers last May with a larger than life projection mapping experience that put all others to shame. Rather than introduce the vehicle at a standard venue with a standard-size screen, the brand brought attendees to the outskirts of Nevada where it turned the Hoover Dam into a colossal projection surface equivalent to the size of 87 IMAX screens. The supersized experience earned Freightliner over 400 million impressions in traditional media alone. I mean, dam.

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