Food Lion Debuts Its New Nutritional Program - Event Marketer

Food Lion Debuts Its New Nutritional Program – Event Marketer

Food Lion Debuts Its New Nutritional Program

To support the launch of its new Guiding Stars Nutrition Navigation System Food Lion and Bloom supermarkets launched a five-market mobile marketing tour. The Guiding Stars program assigns one two or three stars to products in its stores giving consumers an easy way to select food based on its nutritional qualities. (One star is good two is better and three is best.) The program kicked off at 61 Bloom Supermarkets in June and at 1 200 Food Lion stores in July.

The tour features an 18-wheel trailer and a Hummer wrapped inside and out with digital graphics. Inside consumers can grab snacks and recipes from three separate zones each dedicated to one two or three-star food items. A registered dietician travels onboard and offers free consultations in a private meeting room. In the Star Sprouts Kid Zone just outside the trailer children can color grab temporary tattoos and do other hands-on activities designed with the Guiding Stars theme in mind. Free tasty snacks include pears apples pretzels raisins veggies popcorn and oatmeal breakfast cookies.

“Health and wellness is part of our corporate social responsibility platform and we believe Guiding Stars is part of that ” Karen Peterson a spokeswoman for Food Lion told Buzz. “We wanted a promotional tool that could really help get the word out about what the program is and what it means to have nutritious shopping made simple. There was no idea better than a mobile unit that would actually allow our consumers to see and touch Guiding Stars—to actually see what it looks like to learn more about it and get recipes.”

The tour travels to state fairs festivals cooking shows and football games in key markets throughout the Southeast and will make stops in North Carolina South Carolina and Washington D.C. through Nov. 9. Agency: Jackson-Dawson Marketing Solutions Greenville SC.


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