How Visible Leveraged an Iconic Music Venue to Deliver an Interactive Concert Series – Event Marketer

How Visible Leveraged an Iconic Music Venue to Deliver an Interactive Concert Series – Event Marketer

How Visible Leveraged an Iconic Music Venue to Deliver an Interactive Concert Series

If you’re one of the countless people missing the concert scene, let Visible’s latest experiential campaign serve as a beacon of hope. In September, the wireless brand activated Red Rocks Unpaused, a three-night concert series delivered without a physical audience that was supported by digital fan experiences designed to replicate the energy of an in-person show—at home. The icing on the cake? Each concert took place at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre, a 9,500-person venue that had previously stood vacant as a result of the pandemic.

The livestreamed events featured a different performer each night: Megan Thee Stallion, Phoebe Bridgers and Sam Hunt. But the musicians didn’t have traditional Red Rocks performances—Visible flipped the stage 180 degrees and moved it into the stands to create a more visually compelling viewing experience for consumers at home. The setup also allowed the brand to leverage the venue’s famous red rocks as the backdrop for digital fan engagement.

Visible-Phonetopia-teaserMore from Visible’s Event Portfolio:

Consumers could participate in the concert experiences in a number of ways. For one, they could send messages to the artists through an event microsite, which were then projection- mapped onto the red rocks for all to see (28,000 people ultimately saw their messages beamed out). Fans could also show the artists some love through a digital cheering experience. By shouting into their phone or computer on cue, participants could manipulate projection-mapped soundbars at Red Rocks. The more they cheered, the more the soundbars reacted on the rocks—participants even got into cheering competitions. Finally, the audience took part in a live poll that determined the encore song at each concert.

“Our experiential and entertainment strategy has always been the heart of our brand from day one and it allows us to make a more meaningful connection with consumers and extend our reach to our immediate and larger communities because we’re a direct-to-consumer brand,” says Kirstie Rivard, head of experiential marketing at Visible. “Because of the digital aspect, these experiences were important for us to give people the opportunity to interact with our brand in a more tactile, personal way.”

The nature of the program, of course, required an array of technology. A whopping 48 4K 35000 Barco projectors and 15 cameras were strategically placed to light up the venue stands and allow for high-fidelity, real-time content placement. For a cinematic effect, Visible also used anamorphic lenses for their wider field of view, which was necessary to capture the scope of Red Rocks. The 180-degree stage flip also offered a view of the legendary venue that had never been seen before.

In addition to the concerts themselves, the results were pretty rock and roll. Between the livestreams and a 48-hour on-demand viewing window, 8.6 million consumers tuned in. And this campaign format may only be the beginning for Visible.

“This [period] is when we innovate and when the creative marketing minds get together and decide, ‘How can we still bring experiences to people when we have some limitations, and how do we do it in really innovative ways?’” says Rivard. “So I would expect to see more of this, and we certainly have future plans for similar activations.” Agency: Madwell, Brooklyn, NY.


Check Out Red Rocks Unpaused:

Photo credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Visible

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